Let’s (Finally) Talk About Sex

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  1. I am glad we only had one girl and I covered that one…but my hubby covered our two boys! It was the only time I was happy that I only had one girl! Haha!

  2. My son is 8 – was I supposed to have the talk with him already!?! I get more questions about “it” from my 6 year old daughter because she has already said that she wants to have a baby.

  3. I think im weird — i love talking about this with my kids (5, 4 & 2). We have already had a child friendly conversation about where babies come from – how they are born & they love looking through the pregnancy & birth books i have. As long as they ask I will always be happy to answer 🙂

    • exactly. There shouldn’t not be “THE TALK,” but rather, a series of general talks which are specific to both the child, their gender, and especially with the knowledge they need for their age. I have a ten and an eight and a two and a half. My two and a half year old knows that mommy and daddy have different parts, and boys and girls look different. That’s age specific to two and a half. My eight year old knows a little more. My ten knows how babies get made… but I’m glad we talked about it at about eight, because by ten she’s SO EMBARRASSED by anything to do with s.e.x., because she’s at THAT age… so going over things a little in advance made sense for us. Now, she can I can have more in depth talks as needed and in whichever topic we need…. she knew, for example, that her period would come eventually. Now that she had her first one (last week- ten and a half years old– EEP!) we had a more in depth talk about why and what is going on with her body. Mini talks all along the way are working really well for our family. So far. I’;m beter at discussing with my daughter than with my son, though…. got to work on that.

  4. O God. I am SO not prepared for “the talk” of any type. I dont want to be asked where babies come from, why God gives 16 yr olds babies… none of it— ahh! Who signed us up for this parenting gig??? … oh. .. right.

  5. All the serious stuff aside, you are a great storyteller. I was cracking up at some parts.

    Anyway, I haven’t thought about this issue, as eight-year-olds have no interest in these things… unless of course they are thrown at him on MTV.

    I do think eight is a mature enough age to talk about everything, as long as he knows all of the social rules behind keeping the knowledge of what it is to himself.

    This gives me something to think about!

  6. My 5 yr old asked me the other day where babies came from and how we made him…GULP. I avoided that as best as I could…totally not ready to discuss that!

  7. Oh boy! Did you have a glass of wine after this discussion? I’ll be checking back to see what other moms have done. I’m still a bit away from having to talk about this – phew!


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