Bad Blogger, Bad!

Shame on me.

I’ve been the worst blogger ever in a whole bunch of ways for a whole bunch of reasons.

Lemme break it down.

Ways I’ve been a bad blogger

1. I have neglected my favorite blogs for way too long.

2. I haven’t returned comment love for a lifetime.

3. I haven’t vlogged in like 3 weeks.  You’re very welcome.

3. I still haven’t joined Google+ or Pinterest (sp?) or Triberr (sp?) or everything else that just came out that I’m supposed to be on top.  If you’ve invited me, I’m sorry.

4. My inbox is at like 2,387 emails. No nifty folders, labels or organization whatsoever to my digital life; nada. If you’ve emailed me in the last 3 months, my apologies.

Reasons I’ve been a bad blogger

1. School started. Yep, blaming it on the kids (I’m good at that).

2. I’m busy blogging other fantabulous places.

3. I’m tired.

Mmm…that’s actually all I’ve got.

So my reasons suck and I feel really bad about it.  I promise I’ll make it up to all of y’all very soon but don’t ask me how yet, ’cause I just don’t know.


  1. I love comments too but you’re forgiven 😉 Just joined you here.


    Please visit me over at sometime 🙂

  2. You are loved!

  3. We are still here for you!! Take a break….it is okay. xo

  4. no apologies as far as I’m concerned. you’re doing a great job.

  5. Take it easy on Mommyfriend!! We have all been there. Wishing you a peaceful weekend! 🙂

  6. But despite all of this, you’re rocking Babble! So, rock on, Mommyfriend!

  7. Have a glass of wine and decompress – its all good!

  8. I’m a bad blogger right there with you! Just too much going on but we are both still here and our communities are still here and all will right itself. Love you!

  9. Don’t beat yourself up! You’re greatness!

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