Vlogs: Love ’em or Hate ’em?

Inspired by the shocking results of the MomCrunch article Do Mom Bloggers Hate Watching Vlogs?, I just had to ask for myself.

You can visit & subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here (but only if you like vlogs).


  1. I wasn’t really sure where to vote on the poll so I didn’t. Honestly, I love your vlog but that being said I love your site and you! I feel like I’ve really gotten to know you over the past almost 2 years. Besides yours I don’t follow any vlogs. I did watch a few vlogs from the vlog linkup you had (had to watch Betsy’s too as well as a couple others) but I think in general I would just watch vlogs of someone I already follow. I’m thinking my vote would fall best in occasional vlogs are great. I watch yours every week with a morning cup of coffee or tea. If the vlog was daily I don’t think I’d be able to keep up. Keep up your awesome work!

  2. I voted that I love them but honestly had trouble deciding between “I love them” and “Occasional vlogs are cool”. Although I do enjoy them, I would probably lose interest in a blog that used vlogs for more than 10-20% of their posts. I still would prefer written posts making up the majority 🙂

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