Everyone Needs a Break

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Thank you again to Suburban Snapshots for the veelog idea!  Have a veelog idea for me?  Leave a comment, lemme know!


  1. Hiya! I saw the exchange between you & SuburbanSnapshots, and was looking forward to seeing what you both came up with. Since I saw her post first, I gave my thoughts there (in probably way too much detail), but here we go (again).

    I’m a SAHM and I feel no guilt about needing time away from the kids. I also don’t think WAHMs, WOHMs or any hybrid of those options should feel guilty either. Know why?

    Kids are annoying.

    They are impatient, loud, demanding, and rarely ever want to do what WE want to do.

    We have our own lives and deserve quiet time, recharge time, time to invest in ourselves/our interests. ALL of us, no matter what we do or how many minutes we log per day with each kid we have. This isn’t a competition. No one has it better or worse.

    We need to be good, complete, happy people for ourselves AND for our kids. Being annoyed at them helps no one, so I say go get your Me Time in when you can so you can be a better You when you’re near the (annoying ) little buggers. They’ll be a little less annoying that way.

    • J. Jones says:

      OMG your comment couldn’t have come at a better time! Thank you a million times over. I work full time and hate that my kid sees me so tired all the time which (of course) is followed by the guilt! I always feel so bad when I think to myself how annoying he is. Thank you for putting it out there!!

    • Wow. These two comments are a bummer. I hope when you get some rest, you can be less critical of your kids and have some fun with them.

      • My mom’s question is:

        “Where are the dads?”

        Do they also need me-time? Do they get me-time? Do they get more than the moms, whether the moms work outside of the home or not?

  2. I’m also a SAHM and I’d agree with Jamie – I feel less likely to go out and have “me time.” In my mind, I’m doing overall less work than I would be if I were also a full-time lawyer (the profession I left). Of course the additional 8 hours a day where I do the childcare offsets it significantly, but I still get nap time and I generally spend that blogging or reading. I also don’t have a commute, which is huge. AND I get stuff like the laundry and dinner done during the day, so in the evening after my kids are in bed… that’s more me-time too. Honestly, that’s a big reason I chose to stay home! I don’t think I could “do it all.” Or if I could, I have no desire to. I think what you working-moms-whose-husband-also-works are doing is really hard. I would need a break from it too. I think for the limited time stretches where you have more than one child and they’re both too young for preschool, it might be a more even playing-field. I’ll let you know next year… if I’m not too busy to remember!

  3. What a great reminder to everyone to make sure to take time to rejuvenate and do something for ourselves. Great vlog. If I think of a vlog idea I’ll send it your way!

  4. Hey – I just checked out the boy wonder art link – fantastic!

  5. Hi – Since you asked…
    I have 2 year-old girl/boy twins. I work full-time. Five hours at the office and three during their afternoon nap. I work at home on Fridays. My husband works full-time but with a five-minute commute. Otherwise, we are with our kids. We have no family nearby to help us and rarely use a babysitter. I’ve never gotten sick of them and in reality, can’t get enough of them. I have endless patience. Why? I think it is because I am an old mom (39) and I’ve had lots of single time/career time/etc. There is nothing I’d rather do them be with them – play/bike/picnic/etc. Martyr? No. Old mom? Yes. Happy? Yes. Truth.

  6. Jamie, that is a really insightful response and something I hadn’t thought of. Thanks so much for adding your perspective here. That really has me thinking.

  7. Why can’t the whole world just be honest like you??

    Who are we trying to impress with the martyr image anyway?

    As always, I wish you lived across the street, or at least just down the block.


  8. Thanks for not leaving the stay at home moms out. As an at home mom, I tend to talk myself out of doing things for myself. My working friends go get manicures, and invite me, but I usually say no. In my mind they work harder than I do, they deserve a break, they do two jobs. Of course my job is hard too, but I’ve just got the one..never ending job. Does that seem strange? I feel like you deserve time away (as a working mom) more than I deserve time away (as a stay at home mom). I think in my head, you earn more “away from home credits” because you have to juggle more.

    • Jamie – It’s all work, HARD work! We love our kids but wow, it’s gets trying sometimes. We all need something, anything that allows us to regroup and refocus so we have more to give back to our families. I really encourage you to take the time to go out with your friends and catch up! You’ll come back re-energized and ready to take on the hardest job you’ll ever love – motherhood!!! You deserve it mama!

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