I’ve Had a Little Work Done

You’re in the right place, I swear.

Saturday night, at oh, say 11:53 p.m. I was fooling around on the computer and I decided to get a lil’ crazy and switch to WordPress!

I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love!

I’m a certified WordPress virgin so you may find a bunch of dead links and other sorts of wonky stuff with this site until I get my bearings.  Please bear with me while I sort all this awesomeness out.  I may be blonde but I’ll give this site a good scrubbing and we should be cool and the gang.

Things have moved around a little bit but the pink stripes remain.  Ah pink stripes, I wish I knew how to quit you.

My favorite part of my new site are Big Daddy P and Boy Wonder’s art galleries at the top of the page, see ’em?  Take a looksie and prepare to be dazzled.

Oh yeah, one more thing: If you are a subscriber to Mommyfriend, God bless you.  I’m pretty sure you will need to re-subscribe under this new platform and you can find the subscription box on the ride-hand side.

Take your time, stay awhile and enjoy!



  1. Maybe I should’ve read this post first. Ha! I love wordpress, too!

  2. It looks great! I noticed it right away! If you get a second, tell me what makes WP better than Blogger, in your opinion. I am way too lazy to switch, even though people say I should. So let me know why!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new design (even heart the pink stripes still! :). Glad I was able to subscribe now – I couldn’t yesterday. Now I can’t wait to watch your vlog on Melissa’s naptime, yay!

    What’s so amazing about wordpress? I mean, your blog looks amazing, but I kinda like it that blogger shows how many followers you have on your page.

    Oh, just one more thing – there’s an award for you on my blog! You don’t have to take it if you don’t want, of course, but just letting you know!

    • I was on a GoDaddy site previously so I don’t have experience with Blogger. I didn’t have sharing buttons or the capability to add galleries before. Now that I do, I’m so excited! I was really wanting to add pages to my site to which I was unable to do. WordPress is so easy too; I just love it!

    • Anne, WordPress is much more versatile than my previous site on GoDaddy. I feel like I have options, and a girl needs options! An award? I LOVE blog awards, you are so sweet! Off to check it out now, muah! XOXO

  4. OH! I’ve been so bad…. I got a 30 day (60 day?) free trial at a better blogger site (than free google site) and haven’t even worked on it… except to email customer support every month to ask for an extension.
    This is inspiring me to just stay up later at night; maybe then I’ll actually make the leap!

  5. Looks fab, but I will miss your cute ‘face’ on here 😉
    One of these fine days I will switch, and you can walk me through!
    Congrats xxx

  6. LOVE the new site!

  7. very impressive! we need to. just add it to the list! It looks beautiful!

  8. love the new look!! did you switch it over all by yourself?? wow!! love it!!

  9. I commented… but it’s not showing up! Hope it went through. 🙂

  10. I love, love, love the look of your new site! Oh, so PRETTY!!!!! LOVE. YAY!

  11. LOVE It!!!!!!! Congrats to you 🙂

  12. I love it! I switched to wordpress, too and I’m very happy with it! Sorry I’ve been out the loop lately. Lots of kids staying with us during the month of March with Spring Break. I’ll catch up this week!!

  13. Loving the new site! gorgeous!

  14. Welcome to the WordPress family! Cute look! 🙂

  15. Nice job on the site. It is beautiful.

  16. Congrats on the new site Lori!! Love it! You did a great job!! 🙂

  17. WP rocks. I love your new site. You will so love WP!!!Yey!!!It looks amazing!

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