Commuting With a Toddler: A Survival Guide

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If you commute with a toddler, allow me to pour you a really big glass of wine.

I commute with a toddler every day and I’ve learned that road hazards can and do occur inside the car.  Often.

Click right on over here for my tips on maintaining your safety and sanity as you embark on your daily grind.
Now, who needs more wine?


  1. I do not commute with a toddler at this time but I’d LOVE a glass of wine! 😉 Off to read the article…

  2. Great article Lori! I’ve been there (not with the commute…one of the great things about Denver). My sister lives in the LA area and goes through many of the same things you do. Move to Denver…

  3. Wow, I must be doing something right… I’ve had a stash of stickers, snacks, juice boxes, sunglasses, annoying birthday goodie bag thingamabobs for as long as I can remember… thank goodness! Phew…

  4. Great tips. I am lucky enough that my babies stay with a sitter briefly until their dad picks them up. The sitter lives across the street (YEAH!). However most family functions occur farther and a commute is necessary (Nothing in L.A. Is 15 minutes away like it says on the navigation system!). I do most of what you suggested. I have a special “car only” back pack that has snacks, Mc Donalds toys, and a few books. The kids always remind me to bring their car bags, makes it fun. Oh and singing in the car, that’s a must with the kids. Gymboree and Laurie Berkner Band are our favorites (Yes I said favorite). Great post!

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