Gwyneth Paltrow is Better than Us

This is a truth I’ve always known.

Gwynnie first won me over in Sliding Doors, my all time favorite movie.  If you haven’t already seen it, please do.  It might change your life and inspire you to cut off all your hair, not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything.

In all her perfect perfection I’m constantly reminded:
Why Gwyneth Paltrow is Better Than Us

1.  She was engaged to Brad Pitt and then broke it off.  Who does that?  Gwyneth does that.  Just because she can.

2.  She married a rock star.  Sure, Chris Martin isn’t my idea of super hot but he’s a sensy rocker type and I dig that.

3.  She named her children Apple and Moses and then acted like we weren’t evolved enough to understand why. 

4.  She can act well enough to earn her an Academy Award and sing well enough to earn praise from die-hard Gleeks.

5.  Apparently she is an amazing chef (I mean, of course she is) with a cookbook coming out next year.  She probably only eats organic and will live forever; she would.

6.  She speaks fluent Spanish (you know, from her time living in Spain as a teen) and lives in England.  Probably next door to former bestie Madonna.

7.  She started where she dishes on fashion and the $5K boots we can all afford and offers parenting advice she thinks you need to hear, you know, because she’s better than us.

Any one of these reasons is enough to dislike Gwyneth Paltrow and yet I just don’t.  I can’t, because every single time I see her perform I’m reminded why she’s Gwyneth Paltrow and I’m…well, not.

And because it deserves to be said one more time, if you’re not already a fan of Gwyneth, Sliding Doors might just change your hair mind.


  1. Omigod, people. I find her incredibly pretentious and annoying. Her website is condescending and narcissistic. And, btw, Brad Pitt dumped her.,,20122540,00.html

  2. Yup, she’s pretty cool. Her new movie looks great.

  3. She is awesome, very classy. 🙂 I loved loved loved Sliding Doors!

  4. Love her and Sliding Doors is seriously one of my favorite movies!!!

  5. Found you from Twitter!
    I think Chris Martin is a cutie! 🙂 She’s super pretty, too! It’s a good thing she dumped Brad when she had the chance- turned out to be a dog… 🙂 One more reason to LOVE her- she’s psychic. 🙂
    Following you now!

  6. I’ve always loved anything that I’ve seen Gwyneth perform in. That being said I’ve actually never seen sliding doors! Runs away now…

    …don’t worry I’ll make sure to! 😉

  7. agreed! she’s just fab! It was so fun to see her perfrom on Glee (I never miss that show even though I watch online!) :)I also ADORE the movie Sliding Doors as well as Shakespeare in Love! Thanks for bringing me up to speed on all her other amazing talents – wow!

  8. Yes who breaks it off with Brad Pitt, I mean come on! I love Gwyneth!

  9. She’s my favorite too ! I’d choose to be her for my next life 😉

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