The Tao of Boys

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Boy Wonder has taught me everything I know about boy wisdom. 

I’ve been collecting his “boy-isms” for years now.  This stuff is enlightening, hilarious and often, totally sexist. 

Take notes, you’ll be glad you did. 

  • Boys are stronger than girls so they can protect them from people who step on their feet.
  • If a stranger ever tried to kidnap me, I’d kick them in the nuts.
  • Girls like to wear dresses and smile a lot.
  • Boys aren’t afraid of everything like girls are.
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are so long as you’re fast.
  • Boys like to burp and fart and girls don’t know how.
  • Babies like to throw up.
  • Moms and dads like to fight when they’re tired.
  • Teachers are mean people when they give so much work.
  • I can run faster than an avalanche.
  • Computers are smarter than people.
  • “Sexy” is a bad word.
  • Girls like cats and boys like dogs.
  • Grownups are always saying they’re tired, just go to bed if you’re so tired.
  • Traffic happens when the person at the front of the line is driving too slow.
  • Moms like to yell.
  • You have to kiss a lot when you’re married so I’m not going to get married.
  • Sharks only attack you if you swim like a fish.
  • Doctors like blood.
  • Grownups drink coffee because they have to.

 I think we have all learned something here.


  1. That’s great! You’ll be so glad you’ve written everything down. I especially like the coffee one. I’m heating mine up now!!

  2. Boy Wonder is one super smart youngster. I never knew girls couldn’t fart or maybe just maybe that is why they “smile” so much. Actually, he did get one thing wrong in that Adults drink coffee because alcohol just isn’t legal 24/7. Next time I’m with that bright boy, I’m going challenge him to a burping contest. Poppy

  3. My day is now complete after reading this 🙂

    My son can burp on command. It drives his sister nuts that she can’t do it!

  4. How cute is that?

  5. This is so funny. Reminds me of my little brother who once said to my mother — “Do I have to go to school all my life?… I just want to grow up to be a mother so that I can wear glasses”

  6. Love the last one – he’s right. We have to.

  7. I luv ths post! Grown ups drink coffee cuz they have to hahaand I’m not getin married. they are all hilarious

  8. I don’t have boys so I was sure thankful to learn this stuff. Please thank Boy Wonder from me.

  9. LOL! How funny and cute! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  10. Your Mommy Friend Lori says:

    LOL! You can’t make this stuff up!

  11. I thought it was just my boy that thought that way! Nice to know it’s just a boy thing! 🙂

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