Uninhibited Art

It’s a long and totally hilarious story, go here to read all about it.


  1. This is too cute and the last picture had me cracking up! You gotta love little boys and the random things that they do!

  2. LOL that’s hilarious. He’s funny like mommy! 🙂 By the way, tagged you on my latest post!

  3. Mommyfriend Mary says:

    That is so extremely funny, love the art! He is taking after the boys lol, thanks for the laugh friend! C ya

  4. Hysterical!!!! Today my son too a sock, stuck it down his pants and said, look Mommy, my penis is big! Boys. It starts so young.

  5. Too funny!!!!!!!

  6. I love it! That is definitely a picture to bring back out at the most inopportune time!

  7. LOVE it, chip off the old block 🙂

  8. LOL! That is to funny!

    I remember when my girls drew pictures like that and then would explain to me what exactly it was, and in such detail!

    I think he’s okay… no need for the trip to the psychologist!

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