Confessions of a Short Haired Gal

I’m a slave to a few things in my life:

My kids

My house

My blog

My hair

And not necessarily in that order.

Last year I decided to trade in my mid-length hair for something with a little more spunk.  While the decision to go short was thought of as bold, it was actually a conservative decision considering I was jonesing for a pixie cut.  On my drive to the salon I had an epiphany…[read more]


  1. Stephanie Rapp says:

    Hahaha! I love this! You are totally right about all of it. I have gone from super long to super short 3 times now. Currently in my 3rd short hair phase I am cursing myself for the final snip. My boyfriend LOVES it (he’s one of the few that goes agains your number 1). But I feel ugly and annoyed by my hair every day. So here we go with the not-at-all-fun process of growing it back out. Guess I’ll search for celeb pics with various hair lengths to help me along this tedious process….

  2. This is way too cute! What a fun post

  3. Your Mommy Friend Lori says:

    Yes!!!  A great stylist is a must, that should have been lesson #1!!!  Listen up Mommy Friends!  Thanks for the compliment, you know how much I hate hearing it (not)!

  4. I’ve never gone that short, but I’ve gone way shorter than I was comfortable with (I looked like captain of the women’s curling team), and it’s harsh! You look adorable with your short do! Great post!

  5. Your hair is adorable. Mind you, you’re always cute. ;)I’ve gone short several time and I usually just let my hair grow out and cut again about once a year. Yes men like long hair, but let me tell you. Years ago my hair was long, down my mid back. I wanted to go really short. I asked Kyle what he thought and of course he said he likes it long. So I left it long, for him. I was nice. Then soon after one of my preschool students died. I was so depressed. The day I had my appt. w/ the hairstylist, Kyle told me to go ahead and cut my hair how I wanted. He just wanted me to be happy and feel good. You know what? He loved it! He said it was almost like sleeping w/ someone else, lol… not that he or I wanted that. But that’s how different I looked. 😉

  6. Yeah, I’ve got mom hair right now, so I’m one step away from coloring, layering, and beautifying, lol! Great post!!

  7. If I may add another lesson to your great list. It’s only hair – it will grow back. As a former long-haired lass who lost all hers to chemo for breast cancer 20 months ago – take comfort. If you make a ‘mistake’ and go to short, it won’t be long before you will have enough for a new do!

  8. I keep on going shorter and shorter, and have even been doing it myself – amazing what you can do with three way mirrors – with my hair that is. Love your cut and bling is always good.Bling always make me feel better and even have a cute give away on my blog today – check it out – its sassy 🙂

  9. Your hair is SUPER sassy. I love it. But having spent time on both sides of that fence I agree with all of your points and would like to add one additional:Spend the money on a GREAT stylist. Get referrals, stalk someone at the supermarket. The one time I did not take this advice I ended up looking like a deranged hipster butch with a Meg Ryan slant.

  10. Mary mommyfriend says:

    You look absolutely Fabulous mommyfriend Lori! Love the hoop and mascara idea too, buuuut i recently got a perm, i should do a tutorial on that one!!!

  11. UH I hate that i learned the hard way that just because you have a celeb like hair cut, you will not look like said celeb. Hurts a LOT! 🙂 But your short hair looks awesome! Wish I had the guts to go shorty!

  12. Wow! Your hair looks great!And I agree with what U said about shorter hair….It is a TON of upkeep….Your hair is super cute and sassy though….;)

  13. i had my hair cut because i found it hot when i was pregnant. but after giving birth and my hormones get back to normal, i want my long hair back, badly! 🙂

  14. This is such a great post and all your lessons are so true. I had short hair and i actually like myself with short hair, however, I like long better. Anyway, while I had short hair, my mental image of myself was of Victoria Beckham, however, everytime I looked in the mirror, Kate gosslin would pop in my head (yuk!)… So I got extensions for the grow out phase…. Thanks for the post! You made a new fan….

  15. VERY informative – and very true. I’ve had my share of short cuts (even ones trying to mirror celeb styles ta-boot)

    Yes, the styling tools you have at your disposal make all the difference with a short cut.

    I’ll be the first to say that you ROCK your style – seriously FAB!

  16. So true! I recently went shorter and I dont like it at all…in my opinion so much harder to keep up with! But seriously, I think your hair looks so great!

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