The Nakey Preggo Pic

What better way to capture the magic of pregnancy than with beautiful maternity photography.

Any amount of research on maternity photography will lead you to the nakey preggo pic, a beautiful and artistic statement about the wonder that is pregnancy.  While these typically black and white pictures may range from sweet to sexy, they are almost always really naked.

If you feel like you’ve got a mad case of déjàvu while reading this post, you’re not alone.  I’ve got déjàvu writing it because the nakey preggo pic is the fraternal twin sister of the bare baby bump post.  But let it be known that the nakey preggo pic post deserves to stand alone…because it’s all nakey and stuff.

I appreciate the beauty of the nude/semi-nude maternity pictures for other Mommy Friends, braver Mommy Friends, like Demi Moore and my beautiful Mommy Friend Irene pictured above.

When personally considering nakey maternity photography, I asked myself the tough questions:
Are my nakey pics supposed to hang above my mantel?
Are my nakey pics supposed to be kept private?
Do my nakey pics belong on my Facebook photo album?
Do nakey pics come in wallet sizes?
Does Grandma get a 5×7 nakey pic?

I decided to go with the clothing mandatory approach to my maternity photography because I am private have poor body image like that.

As nakey as I get.

For those of you Mommy Friends who rocked the nakey preggo pic, tell me, are your pictures hanging above your mantel?  Inquiring Mommy Friends want to know.

How do you feel about nude/semi-nude maternity photography?


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  44. My husband took my naked preggo pics…I was at my biggest and it was 5 days before my son was born. They are tucked away on the harddrive. I look at them occasionally but have to desire to print them or put them anywhere!

  45. I took semi-nakey pics during my pregnancy. They are somewhere in this storage room, I mean house. I thought they’d be a nice remembrance of the whole experience. An experience that I’m sure people would rather hear than see as far as my half-naked prego body.

  46. Your Mommy Friend Lori says:

    I would love to see them!  I adore maternity photography, send your pics to!

  47. Your Mommy Friend Lori says:

    Thanks for the compliment!  No, my picture lives in the C Drive of my computer in a folder called “June 2007” LOL!  It would be wonderful for you to get maternity photos for this pregnancy.  If you do, I’d love to see them!

  48. What a beautiful shot! Back when I was pregnant nobody even thought about showing their “nakey” self. I only have pictures in my very big pregnancy clothes.

  49. i’m all for it. I didn’t do it because #1 was in 1992 (lol) and #2 I was heavy and really self conscious. I would do it now though. (no more babies tho) I see nothing wrong with hanging in your house and if granny wants one, sure!

  50. I went nakey on top… well, it looked like I was, but really I rolled up the tank top and took down the straps. My hubby was behind me shirtless. It is one of my favorite pictures, but I do not even have it printed! I just don’t know what to do with it. I think maybe eventually a 4×6 frame on my dresser or something 😉 I’ll email it to ya if you want to see 🙂

  51. um, no – no nakey prego picutres here!Your pic is just adorable, though!”Does Grandma get a 5×7 nakey pic?” LOL!!!

  52. My girlfriend is a photographer and I had both done. I wasn’t completely naked and covered…actually I really dont know where my photos are…maybe I should find them! No I dont have them hanging out in public…I know they are stashed away in a box somewhere.

  53. Beautiful pic of you, Lori. I do not have a very good self image. Last time around I did not do maternity pics. This time I’m considering. Maybe a couple outdoors but I won’t be able to do the nakey ones. The closest I’d come is something similar to your photo above. Is yours hanging somewhere? Perhaps in your bedroom??? {shrugs shoulders here}

  54. My friend is an amazing photographer. She loves the pregnancy photos… and they do come out beautiful- but A. my bump/body naked was definitely not beautiful and B. I have no idea where Id put it. lol

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