Boy Wonder’s Birthday List

Boy Wonder wasted no time in providing me with an itemized birthday list.  I keep wishing the Pokemon company will contact me to host a giveaway so he can enter. 

Item #3 is not happening and item #4 cracks me up.  He gets #5 instead of a cake every year but I love that he added it to the list.

Off to figure our what #6 is, I’m sure it’s Pokemon related somehow…I mean, why wouldn’t it be.

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  1. Boy Wonder's Grammy says:

    #5 is so cute! Boy Wonder obviously takes after his Grammy!!

  2. #4 is so cute! Too funny! Maybe for a gumball machine?!?

  3. #4 cracks me up too, maybe in case he has to buy his own pokemon something? and that he wants birthday pie. a guy after my own heart.

  4. Love #5 Ha!Found the book for you –’m guessing he’s not a Pokemon fan. Probably should get him Bob the Builder instead.Z

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