When Your Kids Don’t Look Like You

So I’ve got these two little boys that are the cutest things I’ve ever seen, but of course I think that, I’m their mother. No, really; I am…[read more]



  1. I love your site. Hilarious and yes, well written.

    I am too, reminded of how I must’ve just been the vessel for my children. Thank goodness for the little features like the chin dimple and my eyes.

  2. Your Mommy Friend Lori says:

    LaRee, I must say you girls are GORGEOUS (just like you)!  “Kenny dolls”, so cute!

  3. Lori, your boys are beautiful!! I can so relate I have two little Kenny dolls. There is no white girl in my Japanese divas…

  4. It’s nice to see so many moms who can relate! I’m sure people think I’m the nanny since Q has blond hair and blue eyes — what happened to my strong Filipino genes? I definitely see some of my features in him, though. I can see some of your features in your boys, too. I think people have a hard time looking past the coloring.

  5. You’re definitely not alone! My mom is Micronesian and dark-skinned. My sisters and I came out with my dads light skin, but her features. Even though we look like her and her side of the family, people only saw the color of our skin. She was often mistaken for our nanny and got a lot of rude comments (it was the late 60s and 70s when we were babies). Now I feel a little of what she must have felt. My husband is Filipino also and my kids definitely mixed look. My son is on the lighter side so people say he looks like me while my daughter is a little darker so they say she looks like dad. The truth is neither of them have any of my features. I told my husband I’m fine with them looking like him as long as they get my brains. 😉

  6. :))) It’s very funny. In our case the paradox is that, although me and my husband look alike, our 5 months old boy looks only like him.A good friend of mine swears he looks like her. Impossible, though 🙂

  7. I SO feel you! I always laugh when someone says “I see you in them.” I’m all, thanks for throwing me a bone, but I know better.

  8. when my baby was born she didn’t look much like either of us. but then as she got older she looked just like me! I was thrilled. and then as she got even older, she looked just like her daddy. sigh! It will be interesting to see how she turns out in the end.I love what Krista wrote. Awesome!

  9. Ahh Lori! Here is a story… My first two girls were bald/blonde blue/green-eyed. They were 2 years apart. Then my 3rd was born 16 months later with a full head of dark hair, brown eyes at birth, downy hair from her scalp to her eyebrows, long hairy arms and legs! She looked like monkey! When I took her to her two week checkup, with 1 and 3yr old tow-head sisters in tow, the PEDIATRICIAN!! had the nerve to ask me if she had a different father!

  10. Your big boy totally has your eyes. 😉 When I see you guys together, you can tell they belong to you. Let me tell ya, when we’re out with my sis, people think Hunter is hers and not mine. They won’t believe it when I say I’m the mama. Especially when her hair had highlights in and they both have brown eyes and the Asian hooded eyes and I don’t.

  11. Your Mommy Friend Lori says:

    Thank you, I think I’ll keep ’em!  Like little pocket-sized versions of Big Daddy P, adorbs!

  12. Your Mommy Friend Lori says:

    Why didn’t I think of that!  Love it!

  13. Your Mommy Friend Lori says:

    LOL you said it Krista!  I obviously don’t mind not having a personal mini-me but I do think it’d be sorta fun, like, “Hey, look at me all 3 years old.  How cute I am!” sort of thing.

  14. Love it! HHey, on the days you’re out with them and they’re acting out in a way that you don’t want to claim them – at least you’ve got that in your back pocket! HA!they’re a couple of cuties!

  15. Coloring aside…I see a resemblance! But I know what you mean because my children are blond and blue eyed. I was often mistaken for the babysitter when they were young!

  16. I so know what you mean! My girls both look more like their dad and everyone has always said who’s there mom too =P

  17. I have several friends in your position. All in mixed marriages. One time I was with one of them and everyone assumed I was her daughter’s mom. She’s Indian and her hubby is caucasian and the kids both look just like him and are light skinned.Asian genes in particular are very strong. Me? My daughter looks so much like me it is freaky! She is the spitting image. Except she has blonde hair and blue eyes. Never expected that from a child of mine. LOL

  18. Mary Mommyfriend says:

    OH supercute picture BTW mommyfriend! Love ittttt

  19. Mary Mommyfriend says:

    I totally have this dilemma! Dad is puerto rican and dominican VERY strong genes for lovely tan skin (so jelous) Needless to say I have to work harder for the lovely glow and right now my little angel is matching my white skin perfect. Like night and day I know one day it will change and she will blend perfect with dad. Also, there are many feature from the both of us but his family believes everything looks and is like daddy lol. Can be a bit annoying at times but I take it in stride. I know she will love me and identify with me just the same…

  20. Looking at this picture, I think your older son looks a lot like you! Check out his features! Yup, got those from you! Does this mean you are considering going for that little girl?!? 😉

  21. Funny how the genetic pool of life works! Regardless, the boys are quite handsome, so be glad your genes make some good looking boys.

  22. Your little cuties may not have your coloring, but they definitely have some of your features. They both have the shape of your face and Boy Wonder totally has your nose. Anyways, I’m feeling your pain. Both my kids look exactly like their dad! Good thing we picked hotties. 🙂

  23. People as me if my hubby even particpated in the making of our kids since they look like my little clones! It doesn’t matter who they look like, they are sooo cute!!

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