Back to School, Yipee.

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As summer draws to a close, I find myself dreading back to school as much as Boy Wonder.  I know all the good mothers of world are probably super excited to embark on the upcoming adventures of the new school year but I’m just not.  You better believe I fake the excitement though, don’t want Boy Wonder or his teacher knowing how I really feel. 

First day of school memories…

For me, there are 5 key elements to the back to school grind:

Homework: The homework is hard, I’ve said it before, and it’s only getting harder.  Honestly, in a lot of ways I’m thankful for the elementary refresher, Lord knows I need it.  But aside from the obvious (and necessary) mental cardio, comes the challenge of getting Boy Wonder to do his homework.  So much of his energy is spent trying to get out of said homework that if even an ounce was applied to the homework itself, I wouldn’t have to write this paragraph.  Homework is important.  Homework is necessary.  Everybody’s doing it.  The end. 

Teacher:  Like the role of mother, the teacher sets the tone for the entire classroom.  Every year I pray for a love connection between Boy Wonder and his teacher.  Good chemistry paired with a teacher’s enthusiasm for learning generally equals academic success and a happy school year.

Schedule:  Boy Wonder’s summer schedule isn’t much different from his school schedule, with one itty bitty exception; how he gets to spend his time.  So today’s free time is spent riding bikes and playing video games, tomorrow’s is spent doing homework.  It ain’t called “show friends”, it’s called show business.

Lunches: I pack lunches everyday for the entire family like a lot of you do.  This one doesn’t like crust, that one doesn’t like mayo, this one will only eat green apples and that one likes to throw away his freezer pack.  It’s real and it’s fun and it’s real fun. 

Shopping:  Growing up, I always thought back to school shopping was the highlight of the school year.  For Boy Wonder, back to school shopping is the equivalent to a slow band-aid pull.  This year, I’m going it alone.  A backpack, couple pairs of jeans, a few shirts, a lunchbox and we’re done.  He doesn’t care what he wears and I don’t care for the drama. 

In a few weeks time, we’ll all fall into the back to school groove and stop comparing our everyday to the leisurely days of summer.  And in no time, Boy Wonder (and I) will remember all the wonderful things the school year brings; at least I hope.

How do you feel about back to school?  Tell me how you really feel.


  1. I’m having a lot of mixed feelings about school. Only because my eldest is starting preschool and it’s left me all emotional. I’m sure new stressors will emerge.

  2. As a child I always loved back to school shopping even though I was always so nervous for the first day and the changes to come. My little guy is just one so I still have some time until I’m dealing with back to school as a mom. I wonder if I should start my elementary school refresher course now!?! 😉

  3. I absolutely HATE back to school. The summer break is way too short, plus I just like having my girls home. We take day trips to the beach, Washington DC and do lots of other fun things. I hate the school grind.

  4. I took the leap and decided to homeschool our oldest this year for kindergarten. We’ll see how it goes. No promises…we’re not looking at any year other than this one. Wish me luck!! (PS, I’m actually still excited for back-to-school shopping.) =)

  5. I thought I would be thrilled when my boy started going to bed earlier when school started, but I hate enforcing it. I like lazing about in the evenings instead.

  6. I had very fond memories of summer ending and going back to school when I was younger. The excitement of what to come always outweighed the sadness of leaving summer behind.

    This is the first year that Noah will go into school (pre-school) and he’s super excited to start next week. Of course, what’s not to love at his age? Three hour school days, snacks, and nothing but painting, coloring, and singing.

    Single Dad Laughing

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