He Gets it From You.

The moment your baby is born you immediately admire every detail of your most beautiful creation and begin assigning traits, “Oh, look, she has your eyes” and “Ooo, she has grandma’s nose.  Every visitor who greets your baby will offer their opinion regarding who they think baby looks like and it melts your heart every time someone tells you she looks exactly like you (lucky baby *wink*).

As much as you adore having your own mini-me, I think we can all be honest enough with ourselves to admit there are personality traits (or mini-neuroses) we all possess and secretly pray do not get passed down to our offspring.  All too soon our child will grow out of the baby phase and into a certified toddler where their unique personality will begin to emerge.  For me, this is one of the most exciting times in their development, and I’m not just saying that.

I’ve always been honest about my quirky neurotic things and using the word “quirky” makes them seem sort of adorable which I like because obviously, they are not.  I possess a hearty helping of neuroses about cleanliness, organization and time management.  Without order in my life the world might just cease to revolve and then where would we all be?  So with that, you’re welcome for single-handedly managing the earth’s rotation; somebody’s gotta do it.

He didn’t get that from me.

When my eldest was a toddler, I called him to dinner and upon seeing his place setting he went into instant panic mode.  Big Daddy P and I raced to the table only to find him crying and rearranging his place setting.  Once he was done and the place setting was arranged to his satisfaction, he calmed down, composed himself and began eating.  With wide eyes of sheer horror, I turned to Big Daddy P who muttered, “He gets that from you.  Burn. 

So the 2’s were an interesting time of discovery for us as parents, we learned a great deal about the things that motivated our son, you know, what made him tick but mostly, what ticked him off.  He was a happy child with a hair-trigger temper; happy, happy, happy, laugh, meltdown.  Wow, 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds to which I would offer Big Daddy P a knowing glance and say, “He gets that from you.”  Moded.

I’ll admit, it’s only the negative neuroses that seem to garnish a reaction out of me and that’s just not fair.  I’m thinking most of us don’t pay our partners the recognition they surely deserve for the wonderful qualities our children exhibit by their fine example and exceptional gene pool.  And what about us?  We ain’t too shabby ourselves Mommy Friends; surely our children possess wonderful qualities like our ability to make friends, inclination towards kindness and willingness to lend a helping hand.  To be told “He gets that from you” after witnessing a proud moment with your child would be enough to make our hearts spill over. 

I’m reminded to take the time to acknowledge my very special Daddy Friend for all the wonderful gifts he has given our children.  In turn, it is my sincere hope that recognizing and complimenting strengths will be a trait my children will one day exhibit by my example; what a fine feeling it will be to know where it came from.


  1. Very true and funny how that happens.

  2. So true. Right off the bat I can think of some traits I’m hoping my little guy doesn’t aquire and others that I hope he does. Although I don’t want to rush time; I can’t wait to see how his personality will be!

  3. You rock for bringing back the term “moded” – love it!

  4. I had the opposite thing happen this weekend. My middle son was on his way to prom. The two of us took a picture together in front of the fireplace. After the picture he ran over to my husband to see it and said, “Do we look alike?” I was thrilled to see that he wanted to look like me!! It isn’t always that way with teenagers!!

  5. Maybe they inherit your desire to have an online journal and you can secretly spy on them when they are teenagers?

  6. This is so true. I like to think my toddler gets her stubborn-ness from her Dad. But she also gets her creativity and sense of humor from him too. Holla Dads!

  7. LOL! Dear hubby and I are always noting how our precious is just like the other one of us when it’s a bad thing. Usually we jokingly say “She didn’t get that from me.” When it’s a trait that is certainly from us. It’s all in good fun.

    It is just a fact of life that our kids will get the worst of each of us along with some of the best. Hopefully we can help them learn how to deal/or hide the bad stuff. 😉

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