Mommy Friend Gone Wild

I’ve always been a delicate sort of girl.  I like things simple and safe. 

    I am:

  1. A picky eater, like toddler picky
  2. Someone who gets sick every time I leave my time zone
  3. Someone who sunburns in 20 minutes
  4. Someone who can’t go #2 away from home, well it’s true
  5. A law-abiding citizen who swears to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

    I don’t like:

  1. Pain
  2. Dirt
  3. Heights
  4. Anything too physical
  5. Loud noises

    I have never:

  1. Had a broken bone
  2. Been arrested
  3. Had so much fun that I can’t remember
  4. Danced on a bar
  5. Kissed a stranger

So it’s no secret these adorable traits have made my world pretty small.  Since your itty bitty grandma is probably more fun than I am, I decided to start living my life in reverse a bit.  It’s high time I got a little dirty, had a little fun and lived to tell the tale without facing jail time.

Now lots of you have live very full and adventurous lives.  My Mommy Friend Kathy was a skydiving, motorcycle-riding, world-traveling police officer up until a few months ago when she became pregnant.  I can’t compete with that; I’m not even going to try.  I realize I’m lacking the adventure gene and I’m pretty sure I’ll never have to deal with a faulty parachute in my lifetime if I never skydive.  I can live with that, live being the operative word.  I’m not ready to pen a Bucket List at 33 years old, but I am ready to step outside my comfort zone and share my experiences with you.  Aptly titled, “Mommy Friend Gone Wild”, I am already feeling like I want to back out.  I also realize this is why it must be done. 

Please offer your suggestions on my quest to “go wild”, but please, go easy on me.  As I continue this series you will realize just how much I haven’t yet done.  Suggestions involving wet T-shirt contests and amateur stripper night will be politely ignored much to Big Daddy P’s chagrin; I have parents people (and a healthy dose of shame).

I have adopted a new mantra, sure to come in handy: 


Check in on my progress as this fraidy cat attempts to live a more adventurous life.  

P.S.  I want my mommy.


  1. Hello,I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.

  2. Hey Poppy is way into this one !Beside you ladies need a “Maverick” character to make you look like Poker Princesses! LOL

  3. Count Poppy in on this one!

  4. Girl go wild and find yourself making “the good walk…spoiled” and hit the driving range for a small bucket (ie list) of golf balls. Lesson free from ye ol Poppy.

  5. Great! To start with your time zone adventure; how about a different perspective of Mickey and friends in Florida’s Disney World and a glimpse of New York while you’re in the East Coast?

  6. Woohoo, I got mentioned in a mommyfriend blog, I’m almost famous now! 🙂 You must really think I’m a little crazy, huh? I know I’ll (probably) never get you to skydive, but I’m glad to see you stepping outside of your comfort zones, good job. I think Zack’s list was a pretty awesome start, with a lot of not-too-crazy items on it.

    My personal suggestion is that you should take a roadtrip to Colorado! You can make it easily to us in two days, and it would be a fairly cheap way (much cheaper than France) to take an amazingly memorable family vacation. The Rockies are an amazing sight! Not to mention the Grand Canyon and many National Parks in Utah to see along the way. You could also knock a couple of Zack’s suggestions off at the same time: camping, whitewater rafting (guided by Steve’s sister or bro-in-law), or shooting a gun (with me)! What do you say????

  7. I’m the rock climbing connection!!! Anytime you guys want to try climbing let us know! We take trips locally to Joshua Tree, Big Bear and Malibu and have all the gear etc. All you need to do is rent shoes.

  8. Visiting and following from Friday Follow. I also can’t go #2 away when I am traveling.

    As for going wild, my suggestion instead is to go with the flow and let loose when you can. But don’t do anything you’ll regret!

    ~ Lynn

  9. LMAO!!! Very well written post…Love your blog…Unfortunately, not being super adventuress myself these days…I am fresh out of ideas.. :DFound your blog on Friday Follow.

  10. Hi Lori! Found you on FF. love your blog!!! I’m now a follower! Please join us at a beautiful day!Rebecca

  11. LOVE your blog! I am now a “follower” I own a blog/design/scrapbooking/photography/WAHM forum I’d love you to join called My Great Retreat (link is below). Can’t wait to keep in touch!Meghanhttp://www.thetuckerstaketennessee.com

  12. Wow! Lots of suggestions. Where will you start?? Good luck! I kno wyou can do it. I think you should start by picking up where things left off with “scrunchie woman” at the office. “Pencil skirt and kittem heels.” That still makes me laugh!

  13. You’re not giving yourself enough credit. Traveling with 2 kids for your “Weekend Getaway” to Vegas was very adventurous! Come back to the land of “Lost Wages”. I will teach you how to play poker and we can go and play the real thing (not machines)! That’s always fun and very adventuresome!!

  14. I think we should both go to Coyote Ugly and dance on the bar together…since I have never done anything like that either! AND while we are at it…we could try…sushi! AHHH! It creeps me out to just say it! 😉

  15. I am thinking for starters a wine tasting trip in Paso Robles with your dad and I. I know it isn’t too scary and would be fun. We could make sure you get your hands dirty or eat something new to make it more of an adventure to fit your scheme.

  16. I suggest you plan a trip out of state. To somewhere crazy like, I don’t know, MARYLAND perhaps?! Preferably towards the end or the year when I can take a break from breastfeeding and show you a good time! 🙂 Maybe, more realistically, we could plan to meet somewhere fun in the middle of the country . . .

  17. Im definitely not a picky eater– but I am a lot of those characteristics too.. Dirt, pain, #2 in public place? — NEVER.I honestly have no idea how I had 2 kids.

  18. This will be interesting, Lori! Sounds like we are a lot alike. I’ll try to think of a suggestion and share it but I’ll definitely be checking to see what others suggest.

  19. Melissa super sis inlaw says:

    Another suggestion I have when mike and i go camping your whole family can come and rough it for the weekend

  20. Melissa your super sis inlaw says:

    Is this where I offer suggestions? I’m not sure of the location I should suggest so I’ll do it here. You should do a 5k mudrun that will get rid of you not too physical thing and getting dirty. It’s fun running or walking in the mud plus climbing obsticle. I’m doing one on April 24 you should come too. That’d be a big step and I won’t leave you behind

  21. Haha! This is awesome. Here’s my suggestions…1) Go camping, real camping2) Climb down a small and non-treacherous beach cliff (sorry, Gwen told me)3) Go skiing or snowboarding4) Go on a bike ride with Big Daddy5) Go rock climbing (I know someone)6) Go to a shooting range7) Whitewater rafting8) Firewalk, ha, I’ll do it too if you do9) Take a family trip to the next Tour de France (that’s for Big Daddy)10) Do 1 of your “I have nevers”

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