Reality Bites: The Crib Tent


Your child may think they landed themselves in kiddie jail the first time they are placed inside a crib tent.  They may think that because chances are they’ve done something dangerous enough to land them in, well…kiddie jail.  For their safety alone, the crib tent offers parents the peace of mind of knowing that while they’re fast asleep, their toddler isn’t up running amok in their household watching HBO unsupervised.

My eldest learned how to climb out of his crib at 15 months old.  We lived in a two story house and never bothered closing the stair gate after bedtime; after all, our son was asleep in his crib.  One night, deep in sleep I was startled awake by a THUMP, followed by a wailing cry.  I jumped out of bed to find my toddler son crying at the top of the stairs in complete darkness.  From that moment on, I was hell bent on a crib tent.  I ordered the crib tent online, paid for express overnight delivery and had Big Daddy P spring into action to tent that crib as if our son’s life depended on it.   After all, his life may have depended on it.

Don’t do the crime if ya can’t do the time.

Turns out, crib tents are really big and really ugly.  Yes, functionality rules over style, but a crib tent is one of the quickest ways to transform a beautiful nursery into a beautiful looking jail. 

True to his word, Big Daddy P set up the crib tent and we pretended to be all excited about it, begging our toddler to let us sleep in it.  It seemed to be working, just for authenticity Big Daddy P attempted to climb into the crib, “No, mine!” our toddler shouted, score!  We placed him inside, he looked confused, we zipped up the tent and holy hell broke loose.  Screaming in opposition we unzipped the tent, he calmed down.  Well, now how is this going to work?  The tent needs to be zipped closed or what’s the point?  We decided to zip the tent long after our son had fallen asleep as to save him (and the rest of our zip code) from the drama.  Turns out, that zipper is the loudest thing ever and most certainly loud enough to wake a sleeping toddler, I mean of course it is.

In time, our eldest got used to the tent but not without a lot of trickery, smoke and mirrors.  He survived the tent, we survived the tent, and now Little BooBoo is surviving the tent.  Now it’s time to transition to a big boy bed only Little BooBoo’s naughty nature gives me cause to worry about him engaging in online gambling and stuff like that once we’ve gone to bed.  (Sigh) The big boy bed…post soon to follow.


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  4. we never had that problem. But I’m glad it works for you.

  5. Oh boy! Good luck with transitioning to the big boy bed! Maybe instead of online gambling you’ll find him making a sandwich in the kitchen! My little guy is still a way off from this stage but I know I will be nervous when the time comes!!!

  6. I’ve never had the pleasure of having a baby crawl out of their crib, but we still have one to go yet…Going from a crib to a big boy bed was so traumatic…for ME! I was so afraid of him getting up and wandering the house, but we just gated the bedroom and it was never an issue. Good luck. Can’t wait to read the big boy bed post! =)

  7. 100% agreed, a must. Baby jail it is, it works! It is for their safety and our sanity 🙂

  8. Ruby climbed out of her crib at 18 months. We put her in a big girl bed at that point. We decided the best way to keep her from wandering around the house was to put the child safety door knob cover on her side of the door. We can get in easily, and there isn’t a need for a gate. The bed transition was pretty smooth! GOOOOD LUCK!

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