Date Night

One of you planned it, a long awaited date night with your partner sans kids.

In eager anticipation you realize there are things that simply must be done stat.

1.       Purchase a new outfit that makes you look as smokin’ as you know you used to be, or at a minimum, thin.

2.       Get a mani and a pedi since you probably haven’t had one since the last time you were a bridesmaid.

3.       Shave above the knee, sigh.

4.       Post a braggy message on Facebook.

OK, so you’ve checked off everything on the all important “To Do” and now you are ready for some date night action.  All shiny and new, you present yourself to your man and act all coy, “Oh, this old thing? Thanks.” 

The drive to the restaurant is filled with smiles and small talk but mostly you are both just so grateful for the typically elusive silence.  You arrive at dinner in the hopes of reconnecting and finally finishing a meal for once without interruption or milk spilled all over the floor.  There is a peace in knowing you can leisurely ponder the menu and not have to ask for the bill before the food even arrives.  You could get used to this.  You are totally more excited about date night than he is.  I know this because no matter how excited he was to have some alone time with you, hot Mommy Friend, he most certainly didn’t rush out and buy himself some new threads or post a braggy Facebook message to mark the occasion.  It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a fact.  So obviously your partner is mesmerized by your beauty because you look super fly and you know it.  I hope by this point in the date your man is showering you with compliments while you shoot them all down and secretly love it.  You have a cocktail, take a deep breath and consciously talk about anything and everything in the world other than your fantastic kids.  You discuss work, current events, and gossip which inevitably brings you right back to… yep, you guessed it, your kids.

The convo goes something like this:

You:  “I talked to Amy, she has been working a lot of overtime at work and she is really bummed that she can’t take her daughter to gymnastics anymore.

Him: “That sucks.”

You: “Yeah, you know her daughter really loved gymnastics, I wonder if we should put [your daughter’s name] in gymnastics too?”

Him: “Whatever you think.”

The conversation turns to your kids almost instinctively before you’ve even finished your appetizer.  So you start talking about your kids, and other people’s kids, and then your kids some more.  Of course, it goes without saying that the conversation is interrupted by approximately 3 calls to your babysitter at periodic intervals to make sure everyone is still breathing.

If you’re an organized Mommy Friend or you nabbed yourself an organized Daddy Friend (lucky), you might have an activity planned for your date like a movie, concert or bowling.  Activities practically guarantee date night success because they facilitate the mood to either pure sensory enjoyment or good old-fashioned fun without much effort on anyone’s part at all. 

Lucky you gets to have family fun all the time and family fun is totally awesome but date night fun is a different kind of awesome.  Date night fun is reminiscent of a younger and more carefree time in your life.  Remember back to the beginning of your relationship when you looked this good every time you met?  Remember when you used to save your concert and movie stubs as little mementos of your adventures together?  Young date night love was the best.  You didn’t talk about kids because, well, you didn’t have any.  Instead you talked about your goals, your future together and how obnoxious your boss or your parents were.  All you had to care about was yourself, each other and possibly getting home before curfew.  But things are different now; you’ve evolved into these wonderful people known as Mom and Dad to your amazing and crazy children.  For a moment at date night however, you might for a split second feel like your former carefree self and that is a beautiful thing. 

It’s simply amazing what a little togetherness and fun can do for your relationship.  Oh, and by the way, if you think your kids are crying a river in your absence, think again.  Even the smallest members of your household need a mini vacay from discipline, routine and your gorgeous face every once and a while.  Have their 17 year old cousin babysit who will let them eat pancakes for dinner over the carpet way past their bedtime.  That kind of innocent naughtiness spells good times for your kids and creates memories they will treasure. 

So often good times apart equate to better times together because we all deserve a break from even the best reality now and again.   

With that, dear Mommy Friend, I challenge myself and each one of you to make a concerted effort to reconnect with your partner in an exciting and new way.  I welcome your comments and ideas for date night success in the comments section of this post.  I know together we Mommy Friends have all the answers so make your voice heard!  


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  2. So sad, but so true! Thanks for the enlightenment and remembrance of the little kids days! Dear MommyFriend… no matter how old they get.. you never stop talking about them on date night!

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