7 Lessons My Son Learned From a Friendship With Someone Less Fortunate

My son, BooBoo has a lot of friends. He’ll be the first to tell you that popularity has its perks, what with birthday parties every weekend, the benefit of everyone knowing your name, and of course, no shortage of people to play with. When the school year started, BooBoo met a kid named Matthew and […]

Life Lessons From the Pool

My kids and I have been spending countless hours at other people’s pools this summer. I know, tough life. In summers past I avoided the pool like the plague for a myriad of cellulite and drowning-induced reasons, but something’s different this summer and I don’t exactly know what it is. Maybe it’s me, or life, […]

25 Life Lessons That Really Ought to be Taught in School

Sigh, if only school prepared us for living in the real world. If quadratic equations helped us manage our finances or European history helped us choose a spouse, just imagine how good we’d be at life! Sadly, much of what we learn in school, while designed to give us a broad understanding of the world […]

Lessons From the Gutter

At the insistence of my kids, I finally signed them up for bowling lessons. I figured bowling, how hard could it be, right? They’d get together with a couple of kids and roll a ball down a lane. Maybe they’d knock down a pin or two, maybe they wouldn’t, but at least it’d be something […]