7 Chores I Will Absolutely Pay My Kids to Do

Last week I shared the 6 chores I refuse to pay my kids to do because, by golly, they live here too. That’s not to say I’m running some kind of child sweat shop ’round these parts, but rather, I simply believe that basic everyday chores should be done by each and every person living […]

6 Chores I Refuse to Pay My Kids to Do

I’m a huge believer in giving kids chores for a few reasons: 1. I’m busy. 2. They live here too. 3. It’s the least they can do. But really, folks, anyone over the age of four living under your roof can and probably should contribute to your household in some way. Kids are capable, and […]

Laundry is Woman’s Work, Don’t You Know?

See this here fabric care instruction? It’s 100% real. Yeah, I had plenty to say about this.