What Makes YOU So Special?

In talking with a virtual stranger, I was asked what I did “besides being a mom”. Annoyed by the insinuation that motherhood wasn’t work enough, I casually mentioned that I was a blogger. That’s when things got weird.

Words of Encouragement for New Bloggers

Being a new blogger sucks. At least it did for me. I didn’t know my ass from my elbow when I started blogging. I thought I’d publish an adorable blog and important editors would come running…[read more]

Why We Blog: Bloggers Tell All

Why would anyone willingly share their most intimate thoughts, feelings, and struggles online for all the world to see? For a multitude of personal reasons.  

Blogging: More Than Words

Blogging is so much more than a few published keystrokes. Click here to read why and how I believe blogs are changing lives.