Your New favorite Christmas Tradition: Elf Ding-Dong-Ditch!

From Christmas Eve cookie making for Santa to Grandma’s special breakfast casserole on Christmas morning, holiday traditions are known for bringing families together and adding that spark of magic that makes this time of year so incredibly special. Of all the nostalgic and heartwarming traditions my family shares, one of my absolute favorites involves magic […]

Peppermint Pow Chocolate Delight Cookies

Holidays are perfect time to create lasting memories and for our family, and there’s no better place to create family magic than in the kitchen – a place where sweet dreams come true! Every year my boys and I work to create an original cookie creation to give to family, friends, and teachers, but this […]

Our Annual Christmas Picture Tradition

Little did I know as a rosy-cheeked 5-year-old that the picture my dad would snap of me standing in front of a Christmas tree would one day become the stuff of legend. Perhaps I should have known better. After all, the picture wasn’t just any picture, it was an epic picture. Standing tall in yellow […]

Cinnamon Roll Sundays Make Every Sunday Feel Like a Holiday

Arguably, the best things about the holiday season are its many traditions. We’ve long known that family traditions help create feelings of security and emotional prosperity within our children, so it’s only natural that we’d want to continue building and strengthening familial ties year-round whenever possible. As a long subscriber of the philosophy that a […]