I Am Not the Only Parent In This House


There I was, sick in bed with a fever on a Saturday night, while my perfectly healthy husband and kids watched River Monsters downstairs.

“Moooooooooooom!” my youngest shouted to the far reaches of the vaulted ceiling. “Can you get me a glass of milk?”

Seriously, child? Your dad is right there. As in, three inches away from you. As in, fully capable of helping you and might I add, fever-free.

Of course my husband poured the milk, but this kind of “Moooooooooooom!” thing happens all the time.

Don’t feel good? Tell Mom.

Someone’s being mean to you? Tell Mom.

Need a snack? Tell Mom.

Missing a shoe? Tell Mom.

Mom will fix it, get it, and find it just like she always does. [Read more…]


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