Our Children Were Never Ours to Keep


Life as the mom of a teenager isn’t easy. There are days when my son barely speaks; days when his laziness knows no bounds. But then there are days when he really steps up, reaches out, and gives back. While I may never understand the hows and whys of his fickle ways, I’m keenly aware that things won’t always be this way. My time as the mom who tucks him in at night is running out.

In fewer years than I can count on one hand, my son will be grown and gone. Sure, he’ll text. He might even pop over unannounced to raid the fridge, but he’ll be his own man instead of my little one. It’s strange to consider a not-so-distant someday without him here. For as long as I can remember, this bowl-cut boy wonder has been my whole life. He’s taught me everything I know (and don’t know) about motherhood. He’s humbled me, challenged me, and made me better. But now, as he crosses the finish line of childhood, all that’s left is a numbers game I know I’ll never win. [read more…]


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