10 Things I Do That My Children Never Will


Last week a weird thing happened, so I did what I do with all weird things I took it to Facebook:

I made three errands this morning resulting in three purchases on my debit card. For each of these purchases, I did what I’ve done since I was 16 years old — I recorded each entry into my check register in real time. (Yes, I carry a check register.) Each time I did this, the respective store clerk asked, “What are you doing?” So I told them.

Clerk one replied, “What’s a check register?”

Clerk two replied, “You are the only person I’ve ever seen do that, I think. Wait, no, definitely.”

Clerk three replied, “Oh, that’s one of those things responsible people do.”

REALLY?! Am I the only person who does this? And if I am, how much billions of monies does everyone have that I don’t?

“Responsible person”

To my surprise, nearly everyone my junior mentioned there were apps for such things, how they never, ever write checks, and how completely out of touch I was with modern living. OK, so maybe that last part wasn’t true, but the 20+ comments made it clear that times have changed. [read more…]


  1. Yes, you might be the last person on earth to use a check register! We have our utility bills directly debited from our checking account and don’t use credit cards at all — we pay for nearly everything else in cash. I check on my checking account online to see if their debits match mine. Life is good.

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