Spreading Love Across the Miles


Last January, my husband traveled halfway around the world to visit his family in the Philippines. The trip was a long one and life around these parts just wasn’t the same without him.

As much as my older son and I missed him, nothing could quite compare to the emptiness my youngest felt without his dad around. Because these two have always held such a special bond, the distance became harder to bear with every day that passed.

While we communicated when we could, the 16-hour time difference made daily communication a virtual impossibility. And perhaps to be expected, the nights were the hardest part. Without Daddy to tuck him in at night, my little one shed more than few tears on his race car pillow.

As I racked my brain for creative ways to bridge the distance, the best I could come up with was daily text messages from Daddy to BooBoo via my phone, but you know as well as I that text messages aren’t the same as hearing the voice of the person you love.

I only wish then that BooBoo had a CloudPet. Have you seen these?

CloudPets are cuddly stuffed animals that allow your kids to send and receive voice messages from the people they love. How cute is that? My husband could have been sending his son daily messages and BooBoo could have been doing the same the entire time. And to think he could have gone to bed happy each night and woken up with a smile!

Our CloudPet’s name is Bentley and ever since Bentley’s joined our family, BooBoo’s been able to communicate with his out-of-state grandparents and extended family all over the world! And I have to tell you, as I gear up to attend Mom 2.0 Summit at the end of the month, I’m really looking forward to surprising BooBoo with a few sweet messages while I’m away.

If your little one is missing someone across the miles right now and could really use loving messages, be sure to check out CloudPets a safe, sweet, and soft toy that really does love them back.

Disclosure: I received a CloudPet to review in exchange for this sponsored post. The opinions expressed here are my own; read more.

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