8 Movies from My Childhood I Want to Share with My Kids

shutterstock_98776946One of the greatest joys of parenting involves strolling down memory lane and taking my kids along for the ride. Introducing them to the people, places, and movies that defined my childhood is more than just great family fun; it’s an experience to remember.

With the weather cooling down and more time spent snuggling up indoors, there’s never been a better time to introduce my kids to the films that meant so much to me as a child. Just last weekend in eager anticipation of the new Annie, we cozied up to 1982’s smash hit original, a musical that taught me from young age that a positive outlook was all I needed, even in the worst of times.

Here are my 8 favorite movies from childhood. Are any of yours on this list?


  1. Great List! I’m thinking I could add like 10 more, Honey I Shrunk the Kids! 🙂

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