10 Words We Don’t Use in Our Home


Even before I brought two precious newborns home to raise under my roof, I wanted my home to serve as a haven of peace, love, and comfort. Filling my home only with things that served practical or spiritual purpose, I remained cognizant of the influences I allowed inside my home. From people to the magazines, television programing and beyond, if it was negative or harmful in any way, I tried my best to keep it from entering our home’s sacred space.

Now while all that diligence sounds great in theory, reality has been known to trump my best intentions on occasion. Negativity and disappointment happens. The kids argue, my husband and I bicker, meltdowns are had, and tears are shed, but despite the highs and lows of our human experience under one roof, there are house rules when it comes to our words.

Words are powerful, and while some might argue that using offensive words early and often rob particular words from their negative power, I happen to disagree.

Take a look at 10 words that are not allowed in our house.

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