On Fame and Stuff


When I started this blog in the wee hours of January 3rd 2010, I had no idea that blogging was like a thing.  I soon realized people made money from it and obviously, I wanted to be one of those. I worked my ass off, wrote for free, spread my words anywhere and everywhere that would have me.

Yes, I was a word slut.

Then the weirdest thing happened. Not only did I begin tiring of myself and my face and my own words, I began to get noticed…by like, media. Gasp! Media.

First it was The Rachel Ray Show (long story), then it was Good Morning America (longer story), 20/20, Nickelodeon, The Jeff Probst Show and a few others.

I practically ran screaming from these opportunities. Why? Because, hello! Media. Live action. No delete button. No creative control. Stage fright. Chub fright. Bad hair fright. Coming off like an a-hole fright. I don’t know, the whole thing scared me bad.

Everyone around me cheered with each prospective opportunity (brand building! exposure!) while I buried my head in the sand and wished it would all just go away. But for bloggers media is just part of the gig. I wish I had known…

Hey, I’m not delusional enough to compare myself to wildly successful bloggers. I’m not famous, but for some of us, any amount of attention or fame can feel like too much. And it’s not just because we’re shy or nervous, it’s because we feel like our words and ideas are better presented in writing. Friends, I’m just a mom with a WordPress site who likes to tickle her keyboard and mouth off, but that’s where it ends – or at least it used to end.

I parlayed my love of words and comma abuse into a career as Beauty & Style and Home & Living editor for GalTime, a site I couldn’t feel more blessed to be a part of. When I took to the dashboard to whip up 6 Steps for Becoming More Photogenic, I had no idea that media would be calling…but you guys, they did.

I have a phone interview as GalTime editor for a radio program tomorrow morning and I’m scared. And excited. And scared some more. This time I’m representing more than myself or the Mommyfriend brand, I’m representing GalTime. Big responsibility. Even bigger honor. Man, do I want to represent GalTime in a big way.

Thankfully this media opportunity isn’t about my marriage or parenting style for once, but rather, my tips on working it in front of the camera. As a gal who’s taken more than her fair share of fugly pics, I’d say I know an unphotogenic thing or two about an unphotogenic thing or two.

I guess the moral of my story is this: media happens – ready or not. Thank God I have a face for radio. Pray for me.


  1. Now you have to tell us how the interview went! I did my first (and only) radio spot in December. I was nervous before–but I ended up loving it.

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