I Have Big News!

One year ago I quit a job I hated in pursuit of a life I dreamed of.

The last year has been an odyssey. I’ve worked my tail off, learned how to use a semi-colon, and said yes to every possible opportunity that came my way. I learned about myself, shared more than I ever thought I would, and placed my faith in the universe for more.

People were good to me. People encouraged me. And God was good.

It is with tremendous pride that I share my next big step! Friends, I am now the Money and Home Editor of GalTime.com! I’ll be working with some of the brainiest, beautifully spirited women this side of the interwebz and I’m deeply honored to be part of their team.

I hope you’ll join me at GalTime.com as I work my ass off to make them proud.

To new adventures, bright futures, and grammatically correct semi-colons!


  1. Congratulations! This is very exciting for you and I look forward to checking out your new space.

  2. congrats!

  3. Congrats!!

  4. Congratulations Mommyfriend! You’re amazing!!
    I’m not surprised! So sorry we didn’t meet in NYC! I did look for you.

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