Quite Probably the Coolest Gift Ever

First, please allow me to get over the shock of writing a post ON MY OWN BLOG!

Enough about me and my blog, let’s talk about me as a Hooha!

I gave my stepmom the coolest gift ever this Mother’s Day!

I turned this:

Into this!

I know, right?!?! My gorgeous and ever-so-hilariously talented friends as Hahas for HooHas helped me create a personalized Mother’s Day e-card!

I framed the card and my stepmom absolutely loved it! Who doesn’t love personalized gifting?

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I just had to share this fun and customized e-card idea with my Mommy Friends! Give the special dad in your life, or heck – anybody in your life a customized e-card from Hahas for HooHas to show how much you care! It’s so easy and inexpensive to do (hello, $9.99) and pretty much makes you look like a thoughtful gift hero.

How do you like us in Hooha form?


  1. Your are right, I did absolutely love it!! It made me start thinking of ways I could do the same for someone else. Love the card, love you!

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