Girl Crushes

Girl crushes are an interesting phenomenon.

You meet a girl, or I guess I should say “a woman”, and she possesses this really amazing quality you’re immediately drawn to. I suspect that it’s a quality you wish you had in yourself. Whether she has perfect bangs like Girl’s Gone Child, unbelievable wit and presence like Sassafrass, is an ahhhmazing writer like Masala Mama, completely adorable like Complicated Mama, passionate about her cause like Accustomed Chaos, or is the mom you wish you could be, like Scary Mommy.

She’s got this “thing” and you instantly like her; scratch that, love her.

If she’s online you read her entire blog in like a 3 day marathon, breaking only to drink more coffee, wipe a few butts and throw a frozen meal in the oven. If you met her IRL you plan a girl date where you get to know her and adore her even more.

These girl crushes are never to be confused with romantic feelings; oh no. They’re just that weird thing that happens when a girl is drawn to the talents and qualities of another girl. It’s a deepish spiritual thing (even if it is totally one-sided).

I have girl crushes all the time and they come and go in accordance with the stuff I’ve got going on in my life at the time. When I was a new mom, I had a girl crush on another new mom who kept a pregnancy journal and baby journal online. She seemed to adapt to motherhood effortlessly while I didn’t. I wanted me some of that. I wished it would flow through the computer screen and anoint me with the motherhood touch. She was the mom I expected myself to become. I think more than anything, she gave me the hope that I’d someday get there. And I did.

Do you have girl crushes? And if so, what makes your girl crush so “crushable”?

(I realize this is a really weird and disjointed blog post. Hey, it happens.)


  1. kami_no_musume says:

    I have a girl crush on Michelle Pfeiffer, and also a littler one on Kate Bush. I think I have them because I had no attachment bond to my mom (or my dad, for that matter) and I wanted a mom like them. Used to have one on Marie Osmond, but that left as soon as I found Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth. Then that left once I found Kate Bush and Michelle Pfeiffer. Those are there to stay, I think. I watch Grease 2 every night =3

  2. i’ve read before that the quality you admire in someone else is the quality that you have, but you’re afraid to own it. 🙂

  3. Funny – totally makes me girl crush. And when bloggers respond/comment back. I feel so loved then crushing ensues…

  4. You mean, like how I feel about you??


  5. You are so sweet. 🙂

    It’s been a while since I’ve had a girl-crush. Thinking I need to get out more.

  6. awwww.. girl crushes ROCK! & you are totally one of mine xxo

  7. This is a good topic! Who doesn’t have girl crushes? I’m sad to say that mine often have a lot to do with looks. My opposite-looking (I’m blonde, she’s brunette) BFF and I say that we have girl crushes on the girls who look “like us but better.” I’m all about Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Pfeiffer, while she’s into Penelope Cruz. But that said, Princess Kate takes the cake. I don’t think I could possibly be more obsessed with anyone else. Her looks, yes, but her life circumstances and poise offer UNENDING fascination for me!

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