I’m in the Hot Seat!

Mommy Friends, I’m in the Hot Seat today at Four Plus and Angel answering your questions!

Won’t you visit me there?


  1. I just came across your post baby fever abuot a 3rd child. We have 2 girls 3 and were overwhelmed with those two so close and would say no more. My birthcontrol was up this month so weve been talking and he brought up maybe one more, now he still says yes but its backtracking with daycare costs there almost in school, but i wasnt thinking over the past 3 years but now its yes or no final and i cant help but feel like theres no way i could be done. This is a small time in our lives and want alot of grown children/ grandchildren. so i can sacarafice a few hard years for 3 great children and maybe we will get our boy too. So thanks for making me feel normal i agree theres al ot of negatives but I LOVE MY KIDS so much and couldnt imagine after meeting them regretting them ever !!!!

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