My Favorite Outfit

You can visit & subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here where I try not to wear the same thing twice.


Great big thanks to Jessica of My Time as Mom for hosting VlogTalk; I had a blast participating!


  1. Cute outfit! You are adorable. Love your short hair. Wish I could have short hair (and look good), wear scarves (I look silly in them) and wear flip flops (can’ feet always cramp)..Sad isn’t it. My fav outfits involve skirts and dresses.. anything very feminine.. I love.
    P.S. Your house/kitchen colors are beautiful.. what is that green/blue color?

    • Thank you so much! The cabinets are a nice sagey greenish blue color. The previous owners painte dthem (sure wish I had some touch-up paint!). I love feminine clothes too, except my toddler is always tugging or lifting my skirt, ugh!

  2. OMG you are so incredibly adorable.

    I’m with you on the flip flops…I’m from a beach town in South GA but I felt right at home in California. I hope we can move back.

    Since I’m about 30lbs over my ideal weight, I like to wear things that accentuate my boobs. I actually have them now and I prefer people to look at them than at my hips.

  3. Great vlog! That looks like a comfortable outfit, and something I would wear on a regular basis if I could find jeans that would fit me well. I would LOVE to live somewhere where I could wear flip flops All. The. Time!

  4. I could NEVER pull off the short hair & am ALWAYS envious of people who can!

    And I know I should have been looking at the outfit, but I was checking out your house. 🙂 And it is sooo cute too!

    • LOL thanks, my house is so dirty, so glad you can’t tell in the vlog! I do love me some short hair. It tells the world you’re bold, even if you’re not.

  5. Great vlog!!
    Love the BIG ASS earrings..
    I live in Fl and Flip Flops rule here too!!

  6. Oh my gosh you are so funny. I can’t believe you just turned the camera on and talked and were so funny and engaging. I have to edit the crap out of my vlogs to make any sense at all. And when you put your foot up on the doorway…that was super funny. Also, do you have a fave place to get t shirts? I don’t find it as easy as it sounds to find a cute t that isn’t overpriced.

    • Thanks so much Christine! I vlog a lot and they are all trainwrecks, but I actually think that’s what make them so fun. I was taking myself way too seriously there for awhile! Anyway, T-shirts. I bought a couple from Kohl’s, all on sale. I did find them in the Jr’s dept. which I hate to do because they are cut for skinny girls but these were really stretchy (I totally had to buy like a 3XL, but shhhh.)

  7. You are so very adorable!

  8. You look fabulous. I love it!

  9. You are so cute. Loved what you were wearing. Especially loved the colour of your kitchen cabinets. Hee hee, I was checkin out your place. Very nice decor 🙂

  10. I love clothes that feel like pajamas! I think I need one of those scarf things so I can feel cool and bold. Flip-flops are a must. I am from California. Maybe that is where I learned my love for them.

    Thanks for joining us this week!

  11. Love the hipster scarf! I never know the name of them either. I have short hair too so I think I need to start rocking some big ass hoops!

  12. I love that scarf! And flip flops? Must haves in my wardrobe!

  13. Awesome Outfit! Stylish and comfy…max style points! Flip Flops, love it! (Tx girl, we live in flip flops/sandals a lot here)

    My fav outfit is comfy shorts and tee for summer or comfy tee and jeans any other time.

  14. P.S. It’s called an infinity scarf. Very cute!

  15. Why did I think you lived in another state? Cali girls represent! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. So, yes, I am also a flip flop lover, especially while pregnant. And being pregnant, my current favorite outfit is a striped cotton maxi skirt, black maternity tank top, and long pendant necklace (with either some lace-up sandals or said flip flops). I feel completely comfortable and chic-without-trying-too-hard in it.

  16. Love it. And purple looks great on you. I’m not a flip flop person. I like them. On others. Not a big fan of the between the toe thing there. But if it’s a top I can just slide into – bring it on.

    My favorite outfit? Right now it includes my size 4 j.jill jeans that I bought before my first little one. Started wearing them a few weeks ago for THE FIRST TIME! I could care less right now what’s I’m wearing on top because I’m siked about wearing these! 😉 In all honestly though, I wear a lot of black.

  17. I love your vlogs Lori, you’re just adorable!

    T-shirt, jeans, flip flops – yup, check. All must-have items in my wardrobe. Comfortable and stylish enough, but requiring little effort. Gotta love that.

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