Why are Moms so Judgmental?

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If we’re all in this together, why are moms so judgmental?

I have my theories, check ’em out by visiting here.

Why do you think moms are so judgmental?


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  2. Mommyfriend says:

    Cameron, you are so right about that.  We know what’s best for our children and that is ALL we know!

  3. I agree with what you said in the post. I think we judge other moms because we do put so much pressure on ourselves. And it’s so personal. You work so hard to figure out what works for your child & then when it does & you’ve found what works (for those few precious moments or days or months until everything changes again – ha), it’s so easy to judge other moms who haven’t figured it out yet. I was the same in the beginning with Isis, thinking “oh look how fabulous she is!” but then, like I said, she changed, because they’re growing & changing so much that it’s different everyday. I’m trying to learn to not only not judge other moms, but to also not judge them for judging me. Because we all really are just doing the best we can & every baby is SO different. That doesn’t mean I won’t offer advice if asked – or unsolicited on my blog because that’s my place – but it does mean that I fully understand that what worked for me won’t work for everyone. And I believe that other moms will figure that out, too. That the same thing doesn’t work for all of us.

  4. Well said!

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