The Second Child

You had used baby gear, used clothes and used toys. 

We took half as many pictures of you.

We never finished your baby book.

We didn’t freak out when you bumped your head, didn’t eat your dinner or weren’t potty trained by your 3rd birthday.

We didn’t track every milestone against child development books, buy every novelty to stimulate your imagination or have your pediatrician on speed dial.

But for all the things we didn’t do, we offered so much more.

We had realistic expectations of you and ourselves. 

We snuggled you in relaxed and experienced arms. 

We enjoyed you with a calmness we had yet to learn with our first.

You may be second in line but never second in our hearts.


  1. This is so sweet! I’m way more comfortable with my second.

  2. Yes, yes, yes to all of the above. I can only give you rough estimates on child 2’s milestones.

  3. All these things and more make the second special! We love our little 2nd child Charlie (now 17) so much! Our poor first child who we totally experimented with! Wait til you have a third!!

  4. This is beautiful and so true! I tell all of my mommy friends about your blog. Thank you!

  5. Aww I really love this… especially because I’m pregnant with our second!

  6. Simple and sweet~ Beautifully said!

  7. Great post — our second was so easy we went for a third (and are now expecting a 3rd and 4th, oops!).

  8. What a beautiful way of looking at the second to arrive!

  9. Love this post! I am feeling this “guilt” now that baby #5 is imminent. We may not have this one potty trained until she gets ready for college. Thank you for fresh perspective! =)

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