Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails


They say every boy needs a dog.  What they don’t say is that every mom needs a dog.

My two boys want nothing more in this world than a dog…and everything advertised on Nickelodeon, but I digress.  Dogs are wonderful, they really are but I happen to believe a dog deserves much more time and attention than we are able to give right now. 

So long as I’m being honest, I feel like I don’t need pets; I have kids.  Did I just say that out loud?  That’s not to say my kids fill the pet void for me but they keep me really busy and doesn’t a dog deserve so much better than being stuck in the backyard alone all day? 

Yes, dogs are super adorable, and yes, dogs are most excellent companions but they are also a lot of work.  For me personally, any free time I have shouldn’t be spent shoveling poop, but rather blogging about not shoveling poop.

“The Dog I Wish I Had” created by my eldest

So if it’s true that every boy needs a dog, I probably owe my two boys two dogs or something.  But as you Mommy Friends know, as much as I vow to place the responsibility on those who want the dog, you know I am going to have to end up taking care of it.  Trips to the vet, walks, poop scooping, all of it.  And I just know I’ll have to call on Cesar Millan because I won’t be a proper “Pack Leader” and that is a whole other thing.

I’m in the minority on this vote, my family wants the dog and I don’t…at least not right now.  So long as I get a vote, I’m holding out.

Since the dog initiative has fallen flat, my eldest has proposed a reptile of some sort which seems like an adequate compromise.  After all, the fact that a reptile doesn’t require walks or training is scoring some real points with me.  On the minus side, this is a reptile and I’m a little scared of creatures so prehistoric looking.  God forbid our little reptile made a great escape (wouldn’t put it past him), then I’ll be afraid to go to sleep at night for fear of those little claw feet scurrying across my face.  Yes, I think about these things.

After much thought and consideration, I’ve accepted the reptile idea contingent on a better 3rd trimester report card from my eldest.  Is it wrong to secretly hope that better report card doesn’t come to fruition for selfish reasons?  Yeah, I guess it is. 

So our unspecified reptile has already been named “Joe” and he isn’t even part of our family yet.  Me and Joe (sigh), I just don’t see a love affair in the making.


  1. I have a dog I cannot live without. She is my baby girl. My husband gave her to me when it was our 10th Wedding Anniversary. She is a inside dog and is a Maltese dog. I take care of her myself and love her to death. HAVE A FAB DAY!!!GinaVisit my blog at

  2. Thank goodness we got the dog before the kids. I would be in the same situation. However, now I’m thinking they’ll ask for another dog when they get older. ARGH!

    now subscribed from Friday Follow! Those illustrations are awesome. Your sons and your husbands!

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  4. Anonymous,
    Thank you for your suggestion. You have no idea how lazy I am regarding this thing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A red ear slider is your best bet if you want something SUPER low maintenance.

  6. That’s why I like cats. They’re much better at taking care of themselves than dogs. And they don’t have that whole reptile scaly thing going on that makes me shudder. What if it got loose at night and crawled into bed with you?

  7. Oh you are a brave lady. I have zero desire to have a pet. Not even a pet rock. Just too much going on here to add anyone (or anything) else’s poop to the mix.

  8. Oh I rather have a puppy any day than having to deal with the possibility of ever having to feed that darn thing any sorts of insects….Ugh, I just got the creeps :/I’m subscribing to your blog :)Much Luv,Karen

  9. I’ve got to say that I love the drawing of the dog from your eldest son! That looks like a cute one! 😉 I’d be kind of creeped about a reptile! My first thought would be to wonder if the garage was a good home for them! Is that bad??? 😉

  10. With three boys we’ve had so many pets from reptiles, frogs and snakes to ferrets, cats and finally a dog. The ferrets were our favorites!PS Have fun getting the crickets and worms for your little critter!!

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