Boy Wonder’s Art

Mama’s proud.


  1. Wow! I am so impressed!! 😀 Are these on Etsy yet??

  2. Staci Spillman says:

    Boy Wonder is talented!!! I love his work. Good Job Little man!!!!

  3. Holy cow these are so good! I wish I was looking at an Etsy shop because I want to buy some to decorate my sons nursery. Your young man is amazing!

  4. Holy COW! I’m an elementary/middle school art teacher, so I feel even MORE qualified to say that these ROCK. Seriously. Amazing.

  5. Wait. He’s EIGHT?! I’m floored- that’s crazy talent.

    • Jill, I get all fan girl crazy every time you visit me. Dork much? Anyway, yes he’s 8 and we are totally proud. Stage mother tendencies in check…sorta.

  6. Seriously? These are amazing!!! I would have them lining every wall– really, he’s phenomenal!

  7. Just WOW…is right! My oldest daughter is 6 she loves to draw ~I am on my way to check out art classes. I thought maybe she was to young. Thank you so much for sharing ~this just reinforces that talent knows no age. Eight years old ~impressive!!

    • MOMmetime, we started Boy Wonder in art classes at 5 years old because he wanted to take lessons to draw like his dad. Since then we’ve hit a few rough patches with him not wanting to go (mostly because classes are early Saturday morning and he’d much rather be watching cartoons). We always said we’d allow him to quit so long as he made the decision after art class rather than before when he was all cozy in his bed. He always said he wanted to keep going once he was up, lol! He loves his sleep, can’t blame him.

  8. I’ve seen Big Daddy P’s work and love it and you’ve shared a few things from Boy Wonder but THESE ARE AMAZING!

  9. These are amazing!!

  10. OMG, he is very talented.How old is he?Great job. Looks like you’ve got an artist on your hands:)

  11. JUST WOW. Your boy is for sure talented! 🙂

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