16 Times the First Day of School Went Terribly, Horribly Wrong


My first day of 7th grade was the stuff of graphic novel nightmares. New to middle school and the public school system as a whole, I strutted down the locker-lined hallways decked out in the stuff of neon tweenage dreams. Determined to make everyone notice, I took it slow and smiled. People stopped and whispered. Who’s that girl? Is she new? Do you know her? Just when it seemed like I nailed my public school debut, a classroom door flung open and nailed my face. BOOM. Blood. Confusion. Concussion? I wanted to cry. I wanted my mommy. But more than any want, I needed first-aid. Welcome to middle school.

As alone and awkward as I felt that day, first day of school horror stories happen to the best of us. Take a cringe.

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