My Husband Shaves his Legs

You can visit & subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here where I promise NEVER to videotape this again.

Viva le Tour people.



  1. First of all, y’all are so stinking adorable!

    Two, I can’t believe your hubby let you V-log his first leg-shaving experience. That’s love! LOL

  2. My wife and I enjoyed the video! I am an avid cyclist, but I just started shaving my legs a couple of weeks ago — what a pain! I published an article about it at…

  3. That was hilarious!! You guys are too freakin cute!!

  4. OMG – you guys are the cutest things EVER! 🙂 He gets an A+ for letting you vlog this monumental event!

  5. I have to admit that when I first saw your post title I thought he regularly shaves his legs! LOL And how funny for him to think you were pressing to hard. Hope his cycling goes well.

  6. I am laughing. you two are so cute & i am amazed he let you vlog that 🙂 Go Daddy P!

  7. Very funny as usual!! What races has Daddy P been in? Or he is just training?

  8. I love it! My husband would have no idea how to shave his legs. More power to you because I don’t think I could do it for him.

  9. OMG I can’t believe he let you tape that…brave man! You guys are sooooo cute together 🙂


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  4. […] listening because that’s what good wives do, at least in the movies anyway.  He’d just shaved his legs the night before so I figured his ego needed the lift.  We talked about BlogHer and the 2 totally […]

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