Reality Bites: Little Hearts, Big Love

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but handmade gifts are a mom’s best friend.

There is nothing as special as a handmade craft or picture made by your child.  I cherish every handprint, footprint, macaroni necklace and glittery card made with smeared ink and misspelled words.

The thoughtful care our children put into these handmade creations paired with the tremendous personal pride that comes from giving them is as precious as the gift itself.  Our children express their love through creativity and thankfully never wait for a holiday to surprise us with an unexpected treasure. 

Our children are growing fast, soon the glittery handmade cards made with too much glue will be replaced by the perfectly pretty store bought variety we give our own mothers.  Until then, I’m treasuring the glitter and the macaroni; I could have never appreciated the beauty in these things until I became a mother.


  1. Stay_at_home Dad says:

    The favorite thing that I have from my kids is a card with their picture and several bolts glued to front. The caption says “We are nuts about you” but the teacher did not know the difference between nuts and bolts.

  2. What great gifts! Precious! Before I know it my little guy will be old enough to do things like that for me!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I so treasure those little projects!

  4. I know! My husband is trying to get me to throw some of it away because I keep EVERYTHING!

  5. At least you didn’t throw one in the trash only to find your child crushed by the revelation of mommy throwing it away. 😉 I learned my lesson – and that necklace is gorgeous!

    And how excited am I that you have Google Friend Connect? Totally following!

  6. Love.

  7. I love them too. I always tear up. They are the best gifts ever.

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