My Son Doesn’t Know What’s Best for Him, I Do


A few weeks ago I dropped my son off at camp for a week of recreational adventure. Believe me when I tell you he wasn’t happy about it. For the last two months — from the initial camp deposit to the final payment — he’s gone on and on (and on) about how much he didn’t want to go.

His reasons were plentiful:

I’m not outdoorsy.

I don’t know anybody.

Camping is stupid.

I just don’t want to go.

And researched:

Somebody got the plague at Yellowstone. You know, THE BLACK DEATH. See, Mom? Camping.

And then there’s Lyme disease, and that’s a really big deal.

I asked my friends if they think it’s mean that you’re making me go. They all said yes.

And I didn’t care because I knew better. [read more…]

100 Things That Drive Parents Crazy

shutterstock_164760230While no one ever said parenting was easy, someone should have at least told us how unnecessarily hard it would be sometimes.

I know I would have appreciated knowing just how challenging infinitesimal inconveniences would make everyday parenting. How all the drama would indeed be saved for Mama and just how often I’d find myself thinking, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Take a look at 100 itty-bitty buggy things that drive parents insane on the daily.

40 Thoughts Every Wife Has Before a Romantic Weekend

Las Vegas

Last weekend my husband and I took a mini vacation from parenthood to hit the open road like a couple of lovesick honeymooners. To say I’ve been looking forward to this grown-up getaway would be an understatement. 49 days into summer with kid sidekicks had me seriously jonesing for 48 hours of glorious silence, undisturbed slumber, […]

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12 Woes of Being a Little Brother


There are times when I look at my sons and can’t help but think how lucky they are. As each other’s first and best friends, they share a history and biology so special, my heart bursts wide open for the beautiful bond that is their brotherhood. But that’s not to suggest my boys view their […]

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Dear Friends, If You Only Knew


My Dearest Girlfriends, I’ve wanted to write you a letter of encouragement for a while, but as I sort through collected bits of wisdom scribbled on napkins and old receipts, I realize you’re owed honesty more than advice. As the inaugural mom of our group, I’ve been long viewed as a maternal pioneer. I was […]

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20 Things That Happen When You Go Grocery Shopping with Kids


As a parent, there are a lot of things we’re forced to learn the hard way. Like, how an exception quickly becomes a rule to a child, or how an injury can occur from the most benign source, or how grocery shopping with kids is a special brand of torture. And I’m bitter about it. […]

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36 Things No One Tells You About Parenting an Almost-Teenage Boy


When my eldest son made me a mom, I had no idea what I was doing. I’d never diapered a baby before, or fed one, or really even held one for any notable length of time. Having a baby and not a clue was scary. I spent a lot of time researching and worrying, wondering and […]

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How to Fight on a Family Vacation

road trip

Hi there, savvy travelers! Remember me? I’m the one who shared all those do’s and don’ts of family vacations just last week. The one who thought she had it allllllllll figured out. Well, I’m also the one who just got back from a 4-day 1,100 mile Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/Sedona road-trip adventure with my husband and two kids … […]

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56 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Shopping for a Swimsuit


Remember how you couldn’t wait for summer and then it finally arrived and you remembered summer meant swimsuits … and swimsuits meant shopping … and shopping for swimsuits meant the following 56 thoughts? Good times. 1. You know what I need? A new swimsuit. 2. A cute one with support! Lots of support. 3. And […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Family Vacation


In two days we’ll be packing up the car and heading to the Grand Canyon for what I hope will be a memorable family adventure. With two active kids and miles and miles of road under my fanny pack, I can tell you that our family has done vacations right, done vacations very wrong, and done […]

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