The Pros and Cons of Being the “It” House in the Neighborhood

Neighborhood houseRemember when you were growing up, how there was that one house on the street that all the neighborhood kids gravitated to? Maybe the house had a pool, or a pool table, or a basketball hoop. Maybe the parents were more lenient than yours or the garage housed a fridge full of soda. Whatever the reason, the neighborhood house offered everything yours didn’t — and it was good.

When we moved into our little neighborhood seven years ago, my husband and I didn’t know the kid score. We weren’t sure whether our boys would have neighborhood kids to play with. We didn’t know if they’d make a best friend across the street or one day swoon over the girl next door. We thought the neighborhood would be a great place to raise our young family. Apparently, so did everybody else because there were kids — lots of kids. Babies were being born faster than middle schoolers were losing interest in playing outside. Strollers, scooters, and skateboards populated our sidewalks, chalk masterpieces decorated our collective driveways, and kids of all ages and cross streets gathered together to play games, have fun, and hurt themselves — all at our house. Gulp. [read more...]


4 Ways My New Commitment to Health Is Making Me a Better Mom

health mom“I just snapped at my kids because I was hungry.”

When I shared this Facebook status, I was met with overwhelming support.  People more than understood; they rallied in support of my hangry regret knowing all too well how food (or lack thereof) affects your mood.

But what they didn’t know was that I had begun yet another diet — a diet that I hoped would make me look good enough to feel better. Heaven knew I hadn’t felt good for a while.

Simple trips up the 14 dreaded stairs of my second-story home winded me. I felt bloated, slow, and the kind of tired you only get from sitting stationary at a computer by day and lounging stationary on a couch by night as you binge-watch five seasons of Big Love. Then there was my mood. I was crabby, frustrated, and anxious because feeling gross inside has an ugly way of making you act gross on the outside, too.

And my parenting suffered. I’d become a short-tempered, buzzkilling bystander of a mom who stood on the sidelines and barked orders. [read more...]

“Are We Those Neighbors?” That Time My Kids Damaged My Neighbor’s Property … Again


From first pets and bike rides to sleepovers and school projects, childhood is filled with wonder, laughter, and difficult lessons. And while many of these lessons are taught inside classrooms and homes, some of the biggest can be learned in our own front yard. Living in the suburbs of Southern California, my family shares a […]

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How to Get Work Done This Summer with Kids at Home

Get work done - shutterstock

So hey there, I’m pretty excited to be over at Mom 2.0 Summit sharing my kid-tested, WAHM-approved tips for getting work done with kids at home all summer. Take a look by clicking HERE!

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6 Teacher-Recommended Ways to Combat the Summer Slide


Summer means a lot of things – fun in the sun, cookouts, and time with friends and family, but it can also lead to a loss of academic skill that your child worked so hard to acquire over the previous school year. The good news is that keeping academic skills sharp over the summer months […]

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10 Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep


We’ve all been there – exhausted and unable to sleep. We toss, turn, add a blanket, adjust the pillow, count sheep and yet, nothing seems to do the trick. With each minute that passes, we become increasingly anxious – performing quick math to determine just how much sleep we’ll be getting if we fall asleep […]

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5 Ways My Older Son is Helping Out with His Little Brother This Summer

2014-06-14 16.28.54

This summer marks my third as a work-at-home mom. Long gone are the days of full-time summer daycare programs and group field trips. Gone are the uninterrupted work days in my freezing cubicle and an actual quitting time. I’m on summer’s schedule now, desperately trying to fit work into a house inhabited by kids. While […]

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Kids Reveal What Summer Means to Them


When we think back on our own childhoods, what do we remember most? School, a few holidays, the family pet, and summer. We remember pools, beaches, road trips, lazy days, and sleeping in. We remember ice cream trucks, playing until the street lights came on, sleepovers, and summer camp. We remember cookouts, playing in the […]

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I Joined the Single Mom Nation!

With founder and editor-in-chief of fabulousness, Jessica Ashley.

In case you haven’t heard, Single Mom Nation is a brand new website where single mamas gather to get girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice on divorce, dating, style, self-care and {co}parenting and I am SO PROUD to say that I’ve joined the Single Mom Nation team as assistant editor and producer! Founded by everybody’s favorite girlfriend, Jessica Ashley, […]

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10 Summer Slow Cooker Recipes Because Mama Can’t Cook with a Cocktail in Her Hand


When the temperature’s high and your desire to crank up the oven is low, your slow cooker offers all the convenience you need to prepare extraordinary summer meals while hardly giving off any heat in the kitchen. Take a look at 10 of my all-time favorite summer slow cooker recipes that are sure to satisfy […]

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