8 Movies from My Childhood I Want to Share with My Kids

shutterstock_98776946One of the greatest joys of parenting involves strolling down memory lane and taking my kids along for the ride. Introducing them to the people, places, and movies that defined my childhood is more than just great family fun; it’s an experience to remember.

With the weather cooling down and more time spent snuggling up indoors, there’s never been a better time to introduce my kids to the films that meant so much to me as a child. Just last weekend in eager anticipation of the new Annie, we cozied up to 1982’s smash hit original, a musical that taught me from young age that a positive outlook was all I needed, even in the worst of times.

Here are my 8 favorite movies from childhood. Are any of yours on this list?

How to Make Frenemies and Alienate Parents: The Christmas Edition

shutterstock_115792498They say it’s better to give than it is to receive, and I’m pretty sure the “they” who said that were parents. They were parents who were tired of their children receiving toys without volume controls. Parents who were frustrated by toys that swallowed entire family rooms whole. And parents who wondered how a single sadistic toy could undermine the harmony within their home.

It should come as no surprise that there are rules when it comes to gifting other people’s kids. Unless you hate, can’t stand, or otherwise loathe a child’s parents (and hey, maybe you do), you’ll want to steer clear of these 8 gift-giving blunders that can turn a parent friend into a mortal frenemy faster than you can ask for a gift receipt:

10 Holiday Gifts as Special as the Kids Who Receive Them


{Thanks to UncommonGoods for sponsoring this post.} One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the feeling I get when I nab the perfect gift. I can’t wait to wrap it. I can’t wait to give it. And I can’t wait for the reaction the gift receives. Will they love it? Will they […]

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8 Truths About Motherhood You Need to Hear


I remember my first day out without my baby as a first-time mom. At the insistence of my girlfriend, we met up for pedicures to catch up on the happenings outside Babyville. Just then, a pregnant woman walked in. “Sucker.” I thought to myself. Sucker. I literally thought SUCKER. I’ll admit I wasn’t in the […]

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A Letter of Apology to School Moms


Dear School Moms, Yes, you! And you, and you, and you, and of course, you. Allow me to start off by saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry for so many things, and believe me when I tell you I have a lot to be sorry for. You see, my son attended this elementary school for six […]

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I Can’t Save My Son From Junior High


In life, there are universal truths: one plus one will always equal two, Gwyneth Paltrow will always be better, and junior high will always suck. We don’t question these truths because we’re smarter than that, dear friends. We’ve lived enough life to know better. So as my son geared up to begin junior high this […]

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Launch Some Awesome With a DIY Rocket!


Looking for a fun DIY project that’s guaranteed to launch a thousand smiles? Well, thank your lucky stars – you’ve come to right place! With just a few simple supplies and the desire to blast off to fun, your kids can create their very own baking soda and vinegar rocket with the help of our […]

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I’m Afraid I Make it Look Too Easy


You know how certain months hold special meanings for people? Maybe April signifies joy for some beautiful, heartfelt reason, or August represents a weighty month of despair. As we compartmentalize our emotions within the timeline of personal wins and losses, before we know it, we’ve crafted an annual calendar synonymous with emotion. That’s what November […]

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A DIY Your Kids Will Love: Turn Your Phone Into a Projector


Have kids who oughta be in pictures? Then they’re sure to love this DIY project projector we created with the help of Meet Me At The Reck – my family’s new favorite online destination for laughs, crafts, and outrageous fun! This new video series from Maker.tv follows host Andrew W.K. and friends as they embark on […]

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The Practical Parent’s Guide to Surviving Tween Attitude


Once upon a time I had a loving son. He was sweet. He smiled a lot. He looked at me with eyes so full of love and adoration that I couldn’t help but fall to pieces. We were a team. We were magic. And then he turned 10. It didn’t happen overnight, but my buddy, […]

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