A Good Mom is a Happy Mom

IMG_9256-1A little more than a month ago, I lost it. I really and truly lost it.

I was struggling with work, my health, my husband, and my kids. Life had gotten busy (so very busy) and I began shutting down in nearly every way. Emotional and exhausted, my wellness became the furthest thing from my own mind. People needed me and I knew it. People wanted my time and I gave it. I gave and I gave and gave until there wasn’t a moment left to give to myself or anyone else.

Dinner with girlfriends? Who had time for that?

Getting my hair done? Yeah, right.

30 minutes of yoga? Fat chance.

It didn’t matter whether these things would make me feel happy, better, or more focused. They were constraints of time and energy that I couldn’t afford to spare.

For a while, all that self-sacrifice seemed to be working. Deadlines were being met. Dinners and school lunches were made. Laundry was done. But slowly, I was becoming undone. [read more…]

Dads are Men, Not Idiots


Last week I headed off to a conference for some inspiration, education, and yes, I’ll admit, a little time away. Even though my trip had been planned for the better part of a year, I never put much thought into leaving. I didn’t strategize my outfits, perfect my elevator pitch, or even make sure I had enough business cards, because life, as it so often does, got in the way. There were deadlines to meet, dinosaur dioramas to dioram, and suitcases to borrow.

In the days leading up to my departure, friends and acquaintances all asked the same questions:

Are you nervous about leaving your kids home with your husband?

Is your husband freaked out that you’re leaving?

Did you make a bunch of meals for the days you’ll be gone?

Did you leave a detailed schedule for your husband?

Let’s see … no, no, no, and no. [read more…]

Parents, Teacher Appreciation Week Isn’t About Us


As far as school years go, this one goes down in history. My son’s teacher and I got off to a rocky start. I wrote about it. The world read about it. And I felt compelled to make a conscious choice about the tone it would set for the remainder of the school year. I […]

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Moms, How Do We Know If We’re Doing a Good Job?


I’ll be honest with you. Sometimes I look at other moms and wish I could be more like them. You see that mom calmly talking her obstinate toddler down from a tantrum? Yeah, I’m nothing like her. Or that mom who’s organizing school fundraisers, hosting epic birthday parties, and driving all over the planet for […]

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12 Things You Learn By the Time You’ve Been Married 16 Years


When I tied the knot at 22, I was pretty sure I knew what marriage was all about. I mean, I loved him, he loved me, and really, how hard could marriage possibly be? As it turns out, pretty damn hard sometimes. But my naïveté wasn’t even the biggest surprise. Here are 12 things you […]

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Spreading Love Across the Miles


Last January, my husband traveled halfway around the world to visit his family in the Philippines. The trip was a long one and life around these parts just wasn’t the same without him. As much as my older son and I missed him, nothing could quite compare to the emptiness my youngest felt without his […]

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How to Live to 100, According to My 7-Year-Old

Live to 100 years

Want to live to 100? My 7-year-old can tell you how. With an innate “knowing,” this kid is a self-proclaimed expert in everything. When he’s not schooling me on the proper way to cook, clean, tie shoes, or drive a car, he’s answering life’s biggest questions and dishing out love advice. So buckle up, friends! […]

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6 Unforgettable Prom Scenes I Can’t Wait to Share With My Kids


Spring is in the air and with it brings flowers, young love, and the symbolic representation of both these things – prom! While my tween son has a few to go before prom, I’m introducing him to the joys of school dances early with these six unforgettable prom scenes that remind us that most of […]

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What Really Happens When You Ban Screen Time for a Week


Like many families, we love our screen time, and as far as screens go, we have many. From cell phones, televisions, and tablets to handheld gaming devices, desktops, and laptops, we’ve got screens big and small to suit every entertainment need. Motherhood taught me pretty early on that screens held magical powers. My oldest son […]

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To My Son: I’m Sorry I Worried Your Childhood Away


My Dearest Son, The day you were born I made you a promise. I vowed to be your protector, your role model, your teacher, and your haven. As a young mom I wasn’t sure how to be all those things or even if I’d even be very good at them, but I swore when I […]

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