The Do’s and Don’ts of Family Vacation


In two days we’ll be packing up the car and heading to the Grand Canyon for what I hope will be a memorable family adventure. With two active kids and miles and miles of road under my fanny pack, I can tell you that our family has done vacations right, done vacations very wrong, and done vacations every possible way in between.

And because there are valuable lessons to be learned from every family adventure, I’ve developed a handy dandy list of family vacation do’s and don’ts to ensure your vacation’s done right.

I’ll Never Truly Be “Done” Having Babies

shutterstock_146492879As a woman, I’ve spent as much of my fertile life trying to prevent pregnancy as I have trying to facilitate it.

At 26, I gave birth to my first child. At 30, I suffered a miscarriage. At 31, I gave birth to my second child. At 35, I questioned another. At 36, I decided I was done. At 37, I changed my mind and miscarried again and in the nearly two years since, I’ve waffled back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth against my emotions and my biological clock.

If you’ve walked in my slippers, you know the maybe-baby pendulum is more than exhausting, it’s debilitating. When the baby answer was yes, I threw myself into vigorous baby body preparation mode. I put plans on hold. I obsessed over it. I worried about it. When the baby answer was no, I questioned myself. I obsessed over it. I worried about it.

What did my heart want? What did my family want? What could my body handle?

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#LoriGoesShopping Because Shopping Should Be Fun


Look! I found this @officialluckybrand shirt at @marshalls that is just the cutest thing ever in the very best shade of red. Get in my closet! #luckyyou #marshalls #Lorigoesshopping #shopping A photo posted by mommyfriend (@mommyfriend) on Jun 14, 2015 at 5:31pm PDT   If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed this new […]

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Kids Guess the Prices of Milk, Gas, Eggs, and More


Like many kids, my 7-year-old wants for things — many, many expensive things I don’t necessarily have the budget or desire to purchase for him. Besides, that’s what allowances are for, right? Now if only we could reach an agreement regarding what his domestic efforts are worth … Our latest allowance negotiation went something like this: […]

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12 Popular Clichés … According to Kids


“See? It’s a piece of cake!” I said to my 7-year-old son as he finished up his multiplication homework. “What cake?” he asked. “What?” “You said there was cake.” “No, I said it was piece of cake. As in, it’s easy.” “A piece of cake is easy? I don’t get it,” he said. Why would […]

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8 Things I Never Understood About My Mother — Until Now


When it comes to motherhood, it’s hard to say who shapes who more — the mother or the child. And even though moms parent with varying moments of warmth, understanding, rigidity, and spontaneity, devotion remains at the heart of each and every one. But mom’s unconditional love doesn’t mean her methods are always easily understood. […]

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A Good Mom is a Happy Mom


A little more than a month ago, I lost it. I really and truly lost it. I was struggling with work, my health, my husband, and my kids. Life had gotten busy (so very busy) and I began shutting down in nearly every way. Emotional and exhausted, my wellness became the furthest thing from my […]

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Dads are Men, Not Idiots


Last week I headed off to a conference for some inspiration, education, and yes, I’ll admit, a little time away. Even though my trip had been planned for the better part of a year, I never put much thought into leaving. I didn’t strategize my outfits, perfect my elevator pitch, or even make sure I had […]

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Parents, Teacher Appreciation Week Isn’t About Us


As far as school years go, this one goes down in history. My son’s teacher and I got off to a rocky start. I wrote about it. The world read about it. And I felt compelled to make a conscious choice about the tone it would set for the remainder of the school year. I […]

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Moms, How Do We Know If We’re Doing a Good Job?


I’ll be honest with you. Sometimes I look at other moms and wish I could be more like them. You see that mom calmly talking her obstinate toddler down from a tantrum? Yeah, I’m nothing like her. Or that mom who’s organizing school fundraisers, hosting epic birthday parties, and driving all over the planet for […]

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