New Study Reveals Just How Aggravated Parents Really Are


Parenting is hard. If you didn’t already know that, you’re either not a parent or you’re doing it all wrong. But what is it about parenting that makes the whole process of guiding wild small people into wonderful big people so gosh darn aggravating? Is it the lack of sleep? The expense? The tantrums? Or is it all of those things combined with about a billion more? I vote for the latter.

If you’ve ever mopped up toddler pee and stopped to wonder where you fall on the parental aggravation scale, you’ve come to the right blog post.

A new study released by Child Trends examining parental aggravation trends within the U.S. between 1997 and 2007, found that parents were 15 percent more aggravated in 2007 than they were just a decade before, bringing the national average of frustrated parents to a whopping 35 percent that year. Wowzers. I mean, I know why I was aggravated in 2007, I had a colicky infant, but was America facing the same witching hour? Or was handheld technology to blame? Maybe it was the economic downturn? Ooo, let’s blame Y2K! [read more...]

I Punished My Kid for His Silver Honor Roll Report Card


The day Boy Wonder came home from school with his second trimester report card, he was quick to tell me that he made the silver honor roll.

“That’s awesome, kiddo! I’m so proud of you! Let’s see what you got.” I said, eagerly opening the clasped envelope with care.

“A, B, A-, B-, B…” and then, like a blemish on an otherwise beautiful report card, there it was … a C in math.

And with that perfectly average C, Boy Wonder lost two days of beloved game time. I suppose you could say that I punished my kid for bringing home a silver honor roll report card. [read more...]

5 Reasons to Keep Your Unborn Baby’s Name a Secret

shutterstock_53152333 (1)

If you thought choosing a name for your unborn baby was the hard part, it’s only because you haven’t been on the receiving end of the disapproving reactions associated with a less than loved baby name selection. As the mother of two sons, I made the mistake of revealing both of my son’s names prior […]

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The Inevitable Heartbreak of Mothering Boys


“I just turned 40, if I’m going to do this again I have to do it soon!” my friend, a first-time mom said about gearing up for a second pregnancy while nursing her 4-month-old son. “I know what you mean,” I quipped, “I’m not far behind you.” “Would you want a girl?” she asked. “I […]

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Could Your Family Go an Entire Year Without Sugar? This Family Did


“Can I have my dessert?” my 6-year-old eagerly asks each night mere moments after finishing his dreadfully consumed dinner. “I guess. Go ahead.” I tell him, acutely aware that I have only myself to blame. Long ago, in a kitchen not so far away, I started the nasty habit of bribing my slow-eating, ever-picky kids […]

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4 Reasons I’m Opting My Kids Out of Common Core Testing


  Like a lot of households, Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have managed to transform the 2013 – 2014 school year from one of excitement to one of immense frustration. I’ve kept relatively quiet about the effects of CCSS on my kids this year because change can prove challenging while still proving beneficial. I didn’t […]

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Big Kid Childproofing: Making Your Home Safer for Tweens and Teens

Image credit: Flickr/James Thompson

  When we think about childproofing, we’re taken back to a time of outlet covers, corner guards, toilet locks, and stair gates designed to protect our precious kids from some of the most dangerous phases of their development. But as any parent of an older child can tell you, danger, unfortunately, doesn’t end in toddlerhood. […]

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8 Parenting Mantras to Get You Through the Tough Moments


I don’t have to tell you that parenting is filled of frustration and sprinkled with greatness. From the the bedtime struggles to the epic meltdowns in aisle 5 there are moments when the magic and beauty of parenting get lost in the chaos of our everyday. Then, just as quickly, a precious moment appears to […]

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9 Things You Might Not Know about Common Core State Standards


Back-to-School night marked the first time I ever heard about Common Core Standards. “Hang on tight, parents. Common Core is about to change everything,” my first grade son’s teacher warned, “this new standard is all about teaching your kids the how and why. It’s aiming for a deeper understanding of concepts beyond memorization.” Truthfully, I […]

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When Helping Your Kids in School is the Wrong Answer


I remember getting called out during that parent-teacher conference like it was yesterday. “He has a lot of trouble working independently. Do you help him with his homework?” Boy Wonder’s fourth grade teacher asked. “Well, yes. It’s the only way I can be sure he’ll get it done.” I sheepishly admitted. “You need to stop. […]

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